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Supernatural: Folsom Prison Blues

Stock prison scene, Green River County Detention Center. Cut to a couple of maintenance guys. They're reopening an old, closed cell block, and right now, they're working on cutting open one of the cells that's been welded shut. They break it open, and walk inside. They notice a sudden chill, and their breath fogs before them. Something's not right. They can feel something slide right by them, and down the prison corridors.

Fade to an older man lying on his cell bunk, reading. The lights buzz and flicker. The man looks out his bars and senses... something. He immediately begins shouting for the guards.

In the guard video control room, a guard eats dinner while reading reports. He looks up, and sees the inmate. He checks in and tells the other guards he's going to check on the inmate, whose name is Randall. At Randall's cell, he slams his baton against the door and tells Randall to get back in his bunk. Randall swears there is someone in the corridor, but complies.

The guard calls for lights out, and heads back to the control room, but stops. He feels it too, but when he turns, there is nothing there. Just as he reaches the first block gate, he feels it again. When he turns, there is only mist, then suddenly, the block gate slams shut on his arm, pinning him. He screams in pain. As he tries to free his arm, he looks up, and sees something which makes him scream in terror And that's how he dies. Screaming.

Arrested, Development

Sam and Dean are breaking into the Arkansas Museum of Anthropology. Unknown to Dean, he trips a motion detector. The brothers hear a noise, and try to run, but their escape is blocked by police. As the police force them to their knees to handcuff them, Dean gives Sam a bit of a smirk. Sam glowers back at Dean.

Taking mug shots, Dean says, "I call this one the Blue Steel." He turns for profile, the back to the lineup. "So who looks better, me or Nick Nolte?' Dean asks, smiling. "Shut up," the unseen officer says.

Two officers enter the interrogation room where Dean is sitting. Dean makes a few typically smartass remarks. One officer introduces himself - Officer Victor Henrickson.

"Not the Milwaukee Henrickson?" Dean asks, a bit thrown by the name.

"Live and in person," Henrickson replies.

Henrickson has his partner read off the charges - a long list of mail and credit card fraud, grave desecration, armed robbery, kidnapping, and 3 counts of first degree murder. Sam is also a suspect in a Milwaukee murder.

Serious trouble. As Henrickson puts it, "Screwed to hell is a major understatement."

Henrickson tells Dean they are good, that he had trouble tracking them down. He's surprised that Dean got caught by a motion detector.

The Public Defender enters. She tells the officers she wants to meet with her clients, privately.

They will be held in the county detention facility - Green River until their arraignment. Five states have already filed extradition papers on them - two for murder, Wisconsin and Missouri. They have less than a week to fight extradition..

The plan

The brothers get processed at Green River Detention Center. Sam tells Dean he thinks this may be the stupidest thing they've ever done. Dean reminds him that the escape plan is foolproof. Four innocent people are dead. Sam scoffs, some of the dead are prisoners.

"You from Texas all of a sudden?" Dean asks. (this made me laugh, Jensen and Jared are both from Texas). "Just 'cause these people are in jail doesn't mean they deserve to die."

Deacon asked them to take this job. He saved John's life when they were in the Marines together. Dean feels like they owe Deacon.

Psycho Killer, qu'est que ce?

Over lunch, Sam and Dean discuss what they know. Dean is "pretty sure" the ghost is a con named Moody. While alive, he was convicted of ritual murder associated with Satanism. Sam isn't convinced, he needs more than "pretty sure."

"Really pretty sure," Dean say, and goes back to eating. "Moody died of a heart attack." All the current victims died the same way. And Moody died in the old cell block which has just been reopened. The killings started after the cell block was reopened.

Dean believes there may be something in the old cell block that's keeping Moody around. They get up to leave.

A man bumps Sam. Sam apologizes, but the man presses the issue. Sam backs down, but Dean steps up and challenges the inmate.

"You talking to me?" the inmate asks. "Are you talking... to me?"

"Great, another guys who's seen Taxi Driver one too many times," Dean says. Dean tells him to let it go.

The inmate walks away, and gets another inmate to accompany him as he walks back to Dean and tries to punch him. Dean dodges, and gets the inmate in an arm lock. He offers to end it, but the inmate keeps fighting. Dean finally puts him on the ground, and the head guard walks up. He puts his baton under Dean's chin and asks his name.

"Winchester," Dean says.

"Well, Winchester, not a good start."


Like Steve McQueen

In solitary confinement, Dean tries to strike up a conversation with the inmate, Lucas, who started the fight. Lucas is across the corridor in solitary.

"I wish I had a baseball," Dean says.

"What?! What did you say?!" Lucas asks.

"You know, like Steve McQueen."

"Yeah? Well, I wish I had a bat," Lucas says. "So I could bash your frickin' head in."

The lights begin to buzz and flicker. Dean's breath fogs.

"Crap," Dean says, worried. He tells Lucas to stay still, but Lucas doesn't listen. Lucas tries to look out the door opening of his cell, and something looks back at him. He staggers back from the door, and something grabs his face and spins him around. Lucas screams and veins begin bulging in his neck and face.

Dean listens while Lucas screams, dying.


Moira Daniels, the WInchester's public defender, goes to talk to Henrickson. She thinks there is something... strange.... about their case. They don't seem "cut and dried guilty." Henrickson is unconvinced. He talked to the witnesses in Milwaukee. Everywhere the Winchesters go, people die. So strange isn't good enough. He dismisses Daniels.

Mopping up

Sam is working alongside Randall, mopping the floor of the toilet.

"How you doing?" Sam asks.

"I'm 54 years old, mopping the floor of a crapper with bars on the windows," Randall answers. "How do you think I'm doing?"

"All right, bad ice-breaker," Sam says. They introduce themselves, and Randall's name sounds familiar to Sam. He asks about the night the guard died. Randall says they told him the guard died of a heart attack due to stress from the job. Sam asks what he thinks, but Randall changes the subject, and asks Sam what he's in for.

"'Cause I've got an idiot for a brother," Sam says.

Randall tells him this part of the prison is a "damn Hilton" compared to the old cell block. Sam asks if he was in the old cell block. Randall was. Sam asks about Moody's death, listed as a heart attack. Randall tells him that his heart did stop, after the guards finished beating him. There was a lot of blood, and Randall had to mop it up. Sam wonders, exactly how much blood was there?

Con games

Dean is hustling inmates at poker, and has won a bunch of cigarettes. "You don't even smoke," Sam says. "You kidding me, this is the currency of the realm, Dean says. Sam fills Dean in on Moody, and Dean tells Sam about Lucas's death. Sam believes there may still be blood in Moody's cell. Dean wants to know how they're going to get in. Sam has a plan.

"That's the Sammy I know," Dean says admiringly. "Like Clint Eastwood in 'Escape from Alcatraz."

Sam wants to know how they're going to burn the blood, they don't have any accelerant.

"Good thing I'm like James Garner in 'The Great Escape,'" Dean says. He stands with his cigarettes and starts trying to make a deal.

Back in the dining area, Dean wants confirmation of the plan. "Are you sure about this?" he asks.

"Pretty sure," Sam says.

"Considering our circumstances, I'd like a little better than 'pretty sure.'"

"Okay, really pretty sure," Sam replies.

Dean picks a fight with Tiny, Lucas's friend. In the confusion, Sam slips into the kitchen, grabs some salt, and opens a vent and climbs in. He drops down into the old cell block, and opens the cell door. There's a mattress, and it's covered in old blood.

Meanwhile, things aren't going so well for Dean. Tiny is a lot bigger and tougher than Lucas, and Dean is losing badly. The guards step in, and the head guard has them both sent to the infirmary.

Dean strikes up a conversation with Tiny, apologizing for all the insults. He says he had to pick a fight with him. Tiny accepts the apology, when Dean notices an apparition of an old nurse. It's coming at him. Dean searches his infirmary cell for any kind of weapon. He finds salt.

As it attacks him, Dean throws the salt on the spirit. It dissipates. Dean takes a moment to recover, and hears Tiny yelling. Dean begins yelling for the guards as Tiny dies.

An unlikely ally

Later, Dean tells Sam what happened. Sam wants to know if Dean is sure it was a nurse. It was. Sam asks Randall about any nurses in the old cell block. Randall tells about Nurse Glockner. Her patients had a habit of dying from heart attacks, but no one could prove anything. She died after Randall got out, and before he was re-incarcerated.

Sam tells Dean that Deacon told him their escape was going to be that night. Dean wants to finish the job. Sam thinks it's too dangerous to stay longer. Dean thinks they can finish, but Sam knows they can't until they get more information. So Dean asks to see his lawyer.

He tells Moira that he has an odd request. He can't tell her why he needs to know, but asks her to find out where Nurse Glockner is buried. She thinks it's too weird, but Dean asks her to really look at him, and ask herself if she thinks they're guilty.

Sam and Dean are rounded up by the guards. The head guard takes them into a secluded room, and tells the other guard to leave him alone with them.

Once alone, he takes their cuffs off. He's Deacon, John's friend. They talk for a moment, and Deacon thanks them. They apologize for not being able to finish the job, but Deacon gives them an envelope from their lawyer. They tell him they'll take care of it, and they open a vent to escape. Dean stops, and asks Deacon where he wants it. Deacon pauses, and points to his chin. Dean prepares to punch him, and Deacon stops him. "Make it real, son."

Dean does.

They find Metallicar, and head off to the cemetary, with alarms sounding behind them.


Henrickson is interrogating Deacon. He doesn't believe that Deacon was overpowered. Deacon sticks to his story. Henrickson wants to know everything the brothers did that day. Deacon mentions they spoke to their lawyer.

The brothers search for the grave. Meanwhile, P.D. Daniels is being interrogated by Henrickson. At first she claims attorney-client privilege, but Henrickson isn't buying. They didn't talk about the case. He wants to know what they talked about, and threatens her with prosecution for aiding and abetting.

Sam and Dean are still searching for the grave. Sam thinks they've probably started questioning Daniels by now. Dean thought their conversation was covered by attorney-client privilege. Sam says it isn't.

Daniels tells Henrickson what the brothers asked about. He wants to know what she told them.

The brothers find the grave, and finally reach the coffin.

Henrickson and a large contingent of police rush to the cemetary.

The brothers pry open the coffin. Back at the jail, Deacon is washing up when his breath begins to fog. The spirit attacks him, angry that he let the Winchesters escape.

The police search the cemetary using flashlights, guns drawn.

The brothers salt and burn the corpse. As veins stand out on Deacon's face, the spirit steps back and bursts into ghostly flames.

Henrickson and the police contingent burst through a final line of trees to find... nothing but an empty field. He smiles grimly.

Daniels exits the office, and smiles to herself. Cut to a sign on a different cemetary.

Sam and Dean return to Metallicar, as Alice in Chains's Rooster plays.

"We have to go deep deep this time," Dean says. He knows Henrickson will be motivated to find them quickly.

"Like all the way to Yemen," Sam says.

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