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Supernatural: Heart

Sam finds a woman who can understand him, and is a real wildcat... er, um, sort of.

Another cliche opening, another twist

Group of attractive young ladies at a bar, having a good time. Geeky guy walks up, turns out he's an attorney that Madison (Emmanuelle Vaugier) works for. She gently rebuffs his clumsy, drunken advances, telling him she's already called a cab for him. While she's talking to him, she notices a scruffy, intense-looking dude sitting at a table nearby. Her face betrays a hint of recognition, and suddenly she feels that she has to leave. She grabs her coat, and walks through the desolate, moonlit parking lot. She keeps hearing noises, but when she turns, there is nothing there, or just a stray dog.

She gets in her car, and the car.... starts? First time?

She pulls out, and... nothing jumps out of the backseat? Really?

Yep, they played it straight up.

She pulls out, and drives away uneventfully. But as she leaves, we see the scruffy-looking dude step out from some parked cars, and stare intently after her (guy didn't have a single word of dialogue, making me wonder if they're trying to save money by paying the reduced scale for a non-dialogue part).

The night apparently ends uneventfully, because we next see Madison opening the office for work. She is filling the coffee pot, when she notices something red on the door. It looks like blood. In slow motion, she approaches, and notices a bloody arm. Yet still she approaches, pushing open the door to reveal the partially devoured body of the attorney she works for.

Cut to Sam talking to a medical examiner. The ME says that she knows it's crazy, but it looks like wolf bites. Sam asks if the heart was missing. "How did you know?" the ME asks.

"Lucky guess," Sam replies.

Werewolf? Here wolf.

Back in the motel room, Dean is excited. It's a werewolf. Straight up hunting, straightforward kill. Silver bullets. They haven't seen one since they were kids. Most of the deaths are in one part of town, but the attorney is the latest, so they go talk to the woman who found the body. Madison.

At Madison's apartment, her concerned neighbor (a man who seems to have a bit of a crush on her) is just leaving. Both Sam and Dean are also clearly attracted to Madison. Madison answers their questions. The attorney was sweet, but got a little affectionate when drunk. She saw her ex, Kirk, (silent scruffy dude) that night. He seems to be stalking her.

Dean and Sam speak. Kirk fits the profile. They go to check out his apartment, and see claw marks down a concrete wall. As they're examining them, they hear screams. The run to the alley below, to find a half-devoured police officer. Sam calls 911.


Back at Madisons, the brothers decide that Kirk must be the werewolf. Someone should stay to protect Madison in case he goes after her. They shoot Rocks, Paper, Scissors to see who has to go, and who gets to stay. Dean loses. He goes to check out Kirk's apartment, and maybe wait for him to shoot him.

Sam is bored, but clearly uncomfortable being around the attractive Madison. She seems to be teasing him, doing her laundry (underwear) right in front of him and smiling when he moves so he doesn't have to watch. She sits next to him and they watch TV. When the show is over, they share "a moment". Sam takes the opportunity to ask, "How did you end up with a guy like Kirk?"

Madison thinks it was a lack of self-confidence that caused her to stay with Kirk. Then one day, she was mugged. It changed her life, she laughs. She knows it's unusual, but it's true. After that, she felt she had to live each day, so she dumped Kirk. Sam tells her he finds her to be very self-assured. Madison says she's going to bed, but conveniently leaves the door open.

Cut to Dean.

As he waits outside for Kirk to change and leave the apartment in wolf form, he hears the sound of breaking glass. He rushes to the apartment, and kicks the door in to find Madison, in werewolf form ripping Kirk to shreds. Before he has a chance to draw his pistol, the werewolf is upon him. He reaches his knife and slashes her arm just before he passes out. Fortunately for him, this is enough to convince Madison that Dean isn't worth killing.

The morning after

Dean calls Sam. Madison is the werewolf. Sam says this is impossible, he was with her all night, and she's still in bed. Sam walks into Madison's room. She awakens, confused. Where are her pajamas. Dean tells Sam about the cut on her arm. Sam looks. The cut is there. He pulls out his pistol, and tells her to get dressed.

All tied up

Sam has Madison tied up. He tells her she's a werewolf. She tells him that he's insane. When Dean arrives, Sam tells him that he believes Madison when she says she has no idea what's going on. Dean thinks she's lying. Sam wants to try one of John's theories, that if you kill the werewolf that gave another the disease, the werewolf would be cured. Dean is skeptical, but Sam begs him to try it. Dean refuses, saying Madison is just another evil supernatural being. Sam says Madison is just like him. That Dean wouldn't hesitate to kill Madison, but claims to be unable to kill Sam should he start turning bad. That hits home. Dean agrees to try to hunt the other werewolf, but Sam has to agree to kill Madison if she escapes. Sam reluctantly agrees.

The hunting grounds

Most of the victims to this point have been prostitutes, and that's exactly what we see now, as the werewolf stalks the lone blonde prostitute. It grabs her, and drags her toward a more secluded spot for the kill, when Dean steps from the shadows and fires several times. The werewolf slowly changes forms. It's Madison's neighbor. He begs someone to help him, acting confused, and then he dies. The prostitute runs off.

"Hey, don't mention it," Dean shouts after her.

Back at Madison's place

Madison changes. She breaks free, and attacks Sam, clawing his face, before he can draw his pistol. (John would be so disappointed. That's twice in the same hunt that one of them is unable to even fire.) But Sam fights off the werewolf, and tosses it in a closet, where he slams the door shut and barricades it in.

Another moonlit night

Sam gets Dean's call. The werewolf is dead. Sam opens the closet door to a confused Madison, staring at the claw marks all over the inside of the closet. Sam tells her she'll never see him again.

Outside, in Metallicar, Sam and Dean discuss Madison's neighbor. Maybe the reason he marked her instead of killing her was because it was a mating instinct. Madison knocks on the window. She tells him she believes him, that she clawed his face, that she became a monster. She asks why they are still outside her house. Dean says that they have to be sure it worked. She invites them back inside to wait with her.

The night passes uneventfully. Madison is cured. She thanks Sam, and oh, Dean too. Dean gets the hint, and leaves, but not before pumping his fist in the air. Sam and Madison don't waste much time on small talk before ripping off each others' clothes, and having wild, uh, ani... let's not go there.

And another moonlit night

Sam awakens. Madison isn't there. He looks up, just in time to see her in werewolf form slipping from the window. He grabs for her, but she escapes. Frantically, he calls Dean. They look, but can't find her. In the morning, Madison calls her apartment. She's desperate, lost, disoriented. The borthers get her to tell them a nearby street corner, and they go get her.

Back in her apartment, they are all at a loss what to do. Sam is determined to save her, but Dean knows what must be done. Sam tries to figure out a way around it, but he can't. Madison is more accepting. She doesn't want to die, but she doesn't want to live as a monster. She only asks that Sam kill her. Sam refuses at first, and Dean tells him he shouldn't have to. But Sam realizes it's the only way. He takes the pistol, leaves the room, and we hear gunshots....

Posted by Miller on March 23, 2007 6:34 AM
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You give a good rundown of the facts, but leave out the fact that both brothers were crying at the end of the episode, and, I would guess, so were most of the viewers. I know I was. It was one of the best-ever eps I've seen of this show, filled with humor, tragedy and the show's ongoing mythos. Bravo to the writer, and especially to Ackles and Padalecki, whose performances in this ep were outstanding.

-- Posted by: Robin at March 23, 2007 2:21 PM

Yep, these guys showed their acting chops this episode. Definitely a tear jerker. Poor Sam, guy never catches a break in the love department.

-- Posted by: Miller at April 17, 2007 7:22 AM

what happens after this?? where's the ending??

-- Posted by: Anonymous at April 17, 2007 2:19 PM

That is the ending. They never show Sam shooting Madison. It ends with the gunshots.

-- Posted by: Miller at April 20, 2007 9:05 AM

That was realy good, but i miss the part when Sam and Dean cries..:((

Anyway.. Poor sam..:((

-- Posted by: Hilde at September 1, 2007 9:54 AM

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