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Supernatural: Houses of the Holy - Set 'Em Up

This one was a set up job.

An odd episode overall, this episode didn't advance the long term storyline, didn't scare me, and didn't put the Winchesters at much risk. What it did was advance the characters some.

Sharp and Soft

Dean continues to get the hard edges of his character softened, while Sam's character continues to be sharpened.

Already this season, Dean's character has grown. He's learned that some of the beings he hunts may have not been the evil entities he believed (one he killed was certainly innocent - in Bloodlust). He's also learned that his snap judgements can be both right, and wrong, and that it's sometimes better to take some time to gather the facts before acting. He's also learned sypathy for those affected by supernatural beings - Croatoan, Crossroad Blues and Night Shifter - and in some cases, for the creatures themselves, especially in light of his knowledge of Sam's potential fate.

Now, it appears, Dean is continuing on his journey of faith that began in last season's episode Faith (what else?), written by Sera Gamble, who also wrote this episode. I don't think Dean believes yet, though I think he wants to. Having faith in a higher power would help him to believe that Sam's fate isn't sealed, and that's what he desperately needs right now.

Sam's character continues to be refined. Sam has always been the morally thoughtful one of the two brothers, and now we find out that his faith is part of the reason. We also find out that his faith is somewhat based on his need to believe that he can save himself (or be saved) from becoming a pawn of the demon.

Sam seems desperate to find a way out of what appears to be his destiny. Until now, he seems to have been able to rely on his faith in a higher power to keep him from despair (mostly). His reliance on prayer, faith, and throwing himself into saving people from evil.has worked to keep him functioning as a hunter, and to give him a reason to keep going on the family quest to stop the demon.

But now that his faith is shaken, to what extremes will he go to save himself? Where will he turn now, if he can't trust his faith?

I think this may be what we learn about Sam through the rest of the season.

Posted by Miller on February 5, 2007 6:46 AM
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