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Supernatural: Born Under a Bad Sign

A frantic Dean calls Ellen. Sam has been missing for a week. While he's on the phone, he gets another call, this one from Sam. He gets Sam's location, and rushes to his side, 100 miles away.

Slippery when wet

Sam is sitting in a motel room when Dean arrives. He's covered in blood, and can't remember anything that's happened for the last week.

Dean investigates. Sam checked in 2 days ago under the name Richard Sambora.

"Which, I think, the scariest thing about this whole thing, is the fact that you're a Bon Jovi fan," Dean says.

The room was quiet, no one saw anything unusual. He asks Sam what he remembers. Sam remembers being in west Texas. That was over a week ago. Dean tells Sam to try to retrace his steps, and goes to look out the window. He notices blood on the latch. They climb out the window to look around, hoping to jar Sam's memory. While walking past a storage unit, Sam stops Dean. The second one looks familiar. In wonder, he pulls a key from his pocket.

Economy car

Dean opens the unit. Inside is a rusty Volkswagon bug.

"Please tell me you didn't steal this," Dean says.

They search the car, and find blood on the steering wheel, a package of cigarettes, and a bloody knife in the back. Sam wipes his prints from the knife and steering wheel. Dean thinks the cigarettes prove it couldn't have been Sam responsible for the blood. They find a receipt for a gas station a few towns over.

Thank you for smoking

They check out the gas station. Unfortunately, the clerk remembers Sam. He came in, shoplifted cigarettes and a beer which he drank in front of the clerk, then threw the bottle at him. The clerk threatens to call the police, but Dean calms the situation, sending Sam outside. He bribes the clerk, and gets some info. Sam drove north out of the parking lot, onto the highway.

So that's the direction they go. While they are driving, Sam urgently tells Dean to take a hidden side road. Down the road, they discover a house. It has lots of automatic security lighting, a broken window with blood, and an alarm system that's been disabled.

Dead man's tale

Inside, they find signs of a fight, and a dead man with his throat cut. Sam opens a locked room, and inside, they find an arsenal, lots of notes, occult symbols, and maps. The dead man is a hunter.

Dean notices a security camera, so they watch the security film on the computer. They see a fight that ends with the dead man being knocked unconscious and having his throat cut.

The killer is clearly visible in the tape. It's Sam.

Sam is distraught, but Dean manically tells him to get rid of the evidence and wipe his fingerprints. He knows other hunters will be after whoever killed this man. Dean destroys the computer with the security camera movie.

Kill me quick

Back in the motel room (beautifully decorated in a fisherman's theme, complete with fishing floats), the brothers argue about what to do. Sam believes he's turning into a killer, since he's been getting feelings of rage and hate for the last few weeks. The feelings have been getting worse daily. Sam thinks that means he's becoming a tool of the yellow-eyed demon, just as the demon wants. He wants Dean to kill him.

Dean thinks there is still a way to save Sam. Sam hands Dean a gun, and tells him to kill him, before he hurts someone else. Before he hurts Dean.

Dean refuses. "I can't. I'd rather die," he says, and tosses the gun on the bed. He walks away.

Sam says, "No. No, Dean, you'll live." He picks up the gun.

"You'll live to regret this," Sam finishes, as he picks up the gun and knocks Dean unconscious with it.

Triple threat Justin

Dean is awoken hours later by the motel manager, who tells him he'll have to pay for an extra day, as it's after checkout, and he has a couple that wants the room. Dean bribes him to use his computer, and he calls the cell phone company to get Sam's cell phones GPS coordinates, telling them the cell phone belongs to his diabetic son, who ran away to see a Justin Timberlake concert, and his son needs his insulin. Dean gets the coordinates, and finds Sam is in Duluth, Minnesota.

Jo tries a new career path...NOT

In Duluth, Jo is closing up the Dark Hills Tavern. She is surprised to see Sam. "So where's Dean," she asks.

"Couldn't make it," Sam says.

Jo wants to know what Sam is doing there, since they didn't part on the best of terms. "I just wanted to see if we coudl square things," he says.

Sam takes off his jacket, exposing a strange burn mark on this forearm.

"That looks like it hurts," Jo says.

"Nah, just had a run in with a hot stove," Sam says, while nervously hiding his arm.

Sam tells Jo that John was obsessed with hunting, and was willing to put anyone at risk to kill his prey, but he's not like his dad.

"What about Dean?" Jo asks.

What more could he be?

"Dean's more like my father than I am, but he... " Sam begins, then pauses. "Boy, you're really carrying the torch for him, aren't you?"

Jo is shocked, and laughs nervously. Sam says, "I'll take that as a yes." Sam tells her that it's too bad, because Dean likes her more like a sister than as a lover. "I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm telling you because I care." Sam takes Jo gently by the wrist. "I care about you a lot," he says.

"Sam, what's going on?" Jo says as she tries to pull away. But Sam grasps her wrists more tightly.

"I could be more to you, Jo," Sam says. "A lot more."

"Maybe you should leave," Jo says firmly.

"Okay," Sam replies. He shoves her arm away from him, and walks away. Jo turns around, and sighs in relief.

Sam grabs Jo, spins her around, and tries to kiss her. Jo struggles, but Sam turns her around, and slams her head onto the bar, knocking her unconscious. When she awakens, she's tied to a column in the bar, and Sam has a long, nasty-looking knife.

My daddy shot your daddy in the head

"So what exactly did your mom tell you about how your dad died?" Sam asks.

"You're not Sam," Jo says.

"Don't be so sure about that. Answer the question," he replies.

Jo tells him that her dad and John were hunting at a reservoir in California. Her dad was supposed to be the bait, and John got too anxious and exposed himself too quickly. The hellspawn they were hunting turned on her dad and killed him.

Sam tells her that it didn't really happen that way, that her dad survived the attack, but was badly hurt. Sam says that John shot him in the head to put him out of his misery. "Put him out of his misery like a sick dog."

"How could you know that?" Jo asks, upset.

"I hear things," Sam replies.

"Why are you doing this?" Jo asks.

"Like daddy, like daughter," Sam replies. "You're bait. Open up." He gags her.

Possession is 9/10 of the law

Dean bursts in, and aims his gun at Sam.

"I begged you to stopl me, Dean! I told you I can't fight it!" Sam shouts. "My head feels like it's on fire, all right? Dean, kill me, or I'm going to kill her!"

"No, Sammy, c'mon," Dean says as he turns away.

"What's the hell's wrong with you, Dean? Are you that scared of being alone that you'd rather let Jo die?"

Dean spins around, enraged, and throws something on Sam. It's holy water, and steam begins pouring from Sam's body.

He's possessed.

Sam runs for a window, and jumps through. Dean cuts Jo loose, and starts to follow.

"He was possessed?" Jo shouts. Dean pauses and looks back, but follows Sam through the window.

Shootin' on the dock of the bay

Sam is hiding in a dockside boathouse. Dean tries to listen for him.

"So who are you?" Dean asks.

"I got lots of names," Sam replies.

"So why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?" Dean asks.

"Nah, that would've been too easy. Where's the fun in that? See, this was a test. I wanted to see if I could push you far enough to waste Sam. Should've known you wouldn't have the sack," the demonic Sam replies. "Anyway, fun's over now.

"Well, I hope you got your kicks, because you're gonna pay hell for this, I'm gonna make sure of that," Dean says.

"How? You can't hurt me, not without hurting your little brother," Sam says. "See, I think you're gonna die, Dean. You and every other hunter I can find."

Dean thinks for a moment, and puts up his gun. He takes out his holy water.

Dean hears Sam leave the room, so he follows. Sam is nowhere to be seen. Dean looks around, before finally walking to the edge of the dock and looking over the side. Suddenly, he turns, to see Sam aiming his gun right at him. Without a word, Sam shoots him. Dean falls over the side. Sam walks to the edge and looks for him, but Dean is gone.

But I'm part of your network!

Jo is searching the boathouse. She keeps calling Dean's cell phone, but gets his voice mail. She hangs up and tries again, and faintly hears Dean's ring tone (wonder what song that is? I don't recognize it). Following the sound, she finds Dean unconscious half in the water, and half on a dock. She wakes him, and takes him back to the tavern.

She removes the bullet from his shoulder.

"So how did you know that he was possessed?" Jo asks.

"I..I didn't, I just knew that it couldn't have been him," Dean says.

Jo pauses. "Hey, Dean," she asks. "I know demons lie, but do they ever tell the truth, too?"

"Uh, yeah, sometimes I guess,' Dean says. "Especially if they know it'll mess with your head."

Jo wants to know if Dean has any idea where Sam's headed to next. Dean says that Sam has been targetting the closest hunter, and the closest one that he knows about is in South Dakota.

"Okay, let's go," Jo says.

"Yeah," Dean chuckles. "You're not coming."

"The hell I'm not, I'm part of this now."

"I can't say it more plain than this. You try and follow me and I'll tie you right back to that post and leave you here," Dean says. "This is my fight. I'm not getting your blood on my hands. That's just how it's gonna be."

"Wait," Jo says. She gives him some pain pills.

"Thanks. I'll call you later, okay?" Dean leaves.

"No you won't," Jo replies.

Bobby's house

Dean tries calling the hunter, but Sam cuts the phone line. Sam knocks at the door, and Bobby answers. Bobby invites him in, and wonders where Dean is. Sam says that Dean's with a girl. Bobby brings Sam a beer.

"To John," he says, and they toast.

Sam drinks, then begins sputtering as steam rises from him.

"What did you do?" Sam gasps.

"A little holy water in the beer. Sam never would've noticed, but then, you're not Sam. Don't try to con a con man," Bobby says. And he punches Sam into unconsciousness.

When Sam awakens, he's tied to a chair inside an occult circle. Dean is there with Bobby. Sam taunts Dean, and Dean throws a bucket of holy water on Sam. The demon in Sam threatens to bite off Sam's tongue, but Dean says the demon won't be around that long.

Exorcise 3 times a week

Bobby starts an exorcism. Dean wants to know what the demon's master plan is, and threatens to kill every demon before he allows them to get Sam.

The demon struggles, then begins to laugh. This is not about the master plan. Bobby continues the exorcism.

"Oops. Doesn't seem to be working," the demon taunts. "See, I've learned a few new tricks." The demon begins speaking Latin, and the fire surges from the fireplace, as the wind swirls.

Dean asks Bobby what's happening. Bobby examines Sam's forearms, and finds the "Q" shaped burn mark.

"It's a binding link!" Bobby shouts. "It's like a lock. He's locked himself inside Sam's body."

"What the hell do we do?" Dean shouts.

"I don't know!' Bobby shouts back.

The demon shouts, and the binding circle in the ceiling is broken.

"There. That's better," the demon says, and telekinetically throws Bobby and Dean into the walls, stunning them. The demon breaks free of the ropes tying it to the chair.

Welcome back, old fiend

The demon begins torturing Dean. Hell is a prison, even for demons.

"It's a prison, made of blood, and flesh ,and bone, and fear," the demon says, while beating Dean bloody. "And you sent me back there."

"Meg," Dean says.

"No, not any more," the demon says. "Now I'm Sam."

The demon beats Dean again. "By the way, I saw your Dad there. He says, 'Howdy.' All that I had to hold onto, was that I would climb out some day, and that I was gonna torture you, nice and slow, like pulling the wings off an insect. But whatever I do to you, it's nothing compared to what you do to yourself, is it? I can see it in your eyes, Dean. You're worthless. You couldn't save your dad, and deep down, you know that you can't save your brother. They'd have been better off without you."

As the demon prepares to hit Dean again, Bobby grabs the demon's arm and presses a white-hot poker against the binding mark, obliterating it. The demon's black smoke spews from Sam's mouth and out the chimney.

Sam looks around, confused. "Sammy?" Dean says.

"Did I miss anything?" Sam asks.

Dean slugs him in the jaw.

Exit, night

Later, the brothers are recovering. Bobby asks them if they've heard of a hunter named Steve Wandell. Dean wants to know why. Bobby says that Steve was found murdered. Dean immediately says he's never heard of him. "Good," Bobby says. "Keep it that way."

Sam tries to speak, but Dean tells him to be quiet. Bobby says that Steve's friends will want revenge on whoever killed him, and that they probably wouldn't be in the mood for explanations or extenuating circumstances. "You understand what I'm saying?" he asks.

The brothers understand. Bobby gives them each a charm. It will protect them from being possessed again. "That demon's still out there. This'll stop it from gettin' back up in you."

"That sounds vaguely dirty, but uh, thanks," Dean says.

They leave.

The woman in me

They're driving in the dark. Sam is quiet. Dean asks him what's wrong. Sam is disturbed because he was awake for some of what he did. He saw Wandell die at his hands. But what really disturbs him is that even though he killed Wandell, and almost killed Jo, Dean wouldn't shoot him.

Dean defends himself, saying that he was right because it wasn't Sam, it was the demon who did those things. But Sam says that next time, it may be him.

"Sam, when Dad told me I might have to kill you, it was only if I couldn't save you. Now, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna save you."

The ride in silence for a moment, then Dean begins chuckling.

"Dean, what?"

"Dude, you like full-on had a girl inside you for like a whole week." Dean chuckles. "That's pretty naughty."

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i like jo and i hope she is in season 3.

-- Posted by: jasmin at June 26, 2007 11:08 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

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