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Supernatural: Night Shifter

That ticking sound you hear may be the Winchesters' time running out, as they are now both wanted men.

The show opens with a montage of last season's, and my favorite, episode "Skin," and this season's episode "The Usual Suspects". Both are a reminder that Dean, and now Sam, are wanted men, for murders in St. Louis.

The cut moves to a breaking news flash, about a hostage situation at the City Bank of Milwaukee. (The "Breaking News" part looked so real that watching the replay I thought something had interrupted my Tivo.) A nervous-looking Dean is shoving a security guard out the door.

But that's now. One day ago...

FBI - Female Body Inspector

That was the old joke when I was a kid, but Dean tries to live it as he interviews an attractive brunette about a jewelry store robbery. Apparently, a long-term employee came in one night, bagged up all the jewelry, and when confronted by her friend, the security guard, took his gun and shot him in the face.

Later, the thief ends up a suicide, the jewelry - missing. Sounds just like the Winchester brothers' type of game. But the cops have the security camera tapes. The brothers go to talk to Ronald Reznick, the security guard at a Bank that was robbed in a similar fashion - long time employee returns, steals, commits suicide.


Ronald knows something is not right. The man who robbed the bank was his best friend. Plus, he has proof. He made copies of the security tapes, and he shows the Winchesters the segment just before the robbery. His friend turns toward the cameras, and there is a silvery glint in his eyes.

Shapeshifter. Same clue that they saw in St. Louis.

Ronald thinks he knows what the thing is. He calls it a "mandroid", an android, cyberhuman. Sam, quite harshly, tells him in no uncertain terms that he's wrong, there is nothing here, only bad people breaking the law. They confiscate the tapes, and leave.

A new disguise

At the motel, they plot the breakins, and note the robberies all took place along a main sewer line. There is only one possibility left along that route - the City Bank of Milwaukee. So, disguised as security camera technicians, off they go.

They talk their way into the security center, and settle down for a long shift of watching cameras. They are just about to give up when they see the silvery gleam in an employee's eyes. It's the shapeshifter. He's taken the bank manager's identity. But before they can move on him, they see something else on the cameras. It's Ronald, and he's carrying an automatic rifle and locking the doors to the bank.


He forces everyone into the middle of the lobby and onto the floor. When Sam and Dean ("Let me do the talking, I don't think he likes you, Agent Johnson," Dean says) try to talk to him, he tells them to get on the floor. After a few minutes of talking with Dean (he won't talk to Sam. "I don't like you," he says.), Dean convinces him that he also believes there is something in the bank, and that they were watching it on the security cameras. "It's the bank manager," he tells Ronald. Telling him that they are wasting time, and that the thing could be changing right now, Dean convinces Ronald to take him as a hostage and search the bank. Ronald agrees, and moves everyone else into the vault. Sheri, a cute blonde woman, tells Sam that Dean is so brave. Sam rolls his eyes.

Dean and Ronald search. Ronald slips in something, that ends up being the shapeshifter's skin. Dean tells Ronald all about shapeshifters, and finds a couple of silver letter openers. They'll have to do as weapons.

Meanwhile, outside, the police are surrounding the bank. And they've just cut the power.

Dean and Ronald hear a noise.

Oh, Sheri

Back in the vault, Sheri keeps gushing about Dean to Sam. Sam gets increasingly disgusted. The bank vault opens. Sheri exclaims "You saved us!"

"Actually, I just found a few more," Dean says, and herds everyone into the vault. He also pulls Sam out, and shuts the vault again.

One problem at a time

Dean tells Sam that the shifter has shed his skin again. They have a heated discussion, and Sam reminds Dean that Dean is wanted by the police (forgetting that Sam is also wanted in Baltimore). How are they going to escape, even if they find the shifter?

"One problem at a time, okay?" Dean says.

Dean is going to sweep the building, and he puts Sam in charge of managing Ronald and keeping him from harming anyone. Ronald is very careless, standing in the light in the windows.

Sam opens the vault to give the hostages some fresh air. The security guard is plainly not doing well, gasping for breath. The phone rings, and Ronald answers. Sam refuses to let the guard leave.


"What? What do you mean, demands?" Ronald asks. Sam tells him to hang up. "I'm not a bank robber," Ronald says. "I'm kind of a crime fighter, I guess."

The security guard is begging to leave. Sam refuses.

"No, I'm acting alone," Ronald says into the phone. Sam hangs up the phone. "The less the cops know, the better," Sam tells Ronald.

Another hostage steps forward and says the guard may be having a heart attack. "Are you just going to let the man die?" the hostage asks.

"No one's dying in here!" Sam says. He picks up the phone, and tells the police that someone may be having a heart attack, and the police should send in a paramedic. "Don't try anything else, please!" he says.

A new body

Dean is searching the bank, and he notices a loose ceiling tile. Moving it, a body falls out. It's the helpful hostage who wants to help the guard out of the building. Dean returns to the vault, and talks to Sam. They take the guard to the front doors. Dean asks to talk to the helpful hostage, but the hostage suddenly attacks, and escapes.

The shifter is loose again. Ronald yells at the hostage to stop, and steps out into the light to warn him before he shoots. A red light zeros in on his back. Sam yells, and a bullet pierces Ronald's heart. Ronald falls face down, lifeless.

Sam gives the door keys to Dean. He's going to track the shifter. Dean gives a brief, heartfelt eulogy to Ronald, then takes his gun and goes to let the guard out.

Sam is searching the bank, when he hears a noise. He turns to face Sheri, who is leading a group of hostages. "You're in danger! Go back to the vault!" Sam says.

Dean lets the guard out (the opening scene again) and surveys the situation. Not good. Police have the bank surrounded. "We are so screwed," he says.

Sam calls Dean. The shifter has slipped its skin again. Dean is going to round up all the people into the vault, while Sam keeps searching.

The Feds enter the game. They take over the situation, telling the local police they are taking their SWAT team. "There's a monster in that bank," the FBI man says. He's talking about Dean.

Bad connections

Dean is rounding up hostages into the vault.

"I thought you were one of the good guys," Sheri says.
"What's your name?" Dean asks.
"Why do you care?" Sheri asks.
"My name's Dean," Dean says.
"Sheri," she says.

The phone rings. It's the FBI agent. He knows about Sam and Dean, and says he's been searching for them for weeks. He gives a laundry list of their crimes: murder, theft, desecration, their escape in Baltimore... Then he begins to tell them about their childhood, and talks about John, comparing him to a white supremacist or Timothy McVeigh. Dean is angry. He tells the agent he has no right to talk about John that way. John was a hero.

The agent tells him he has 1 hour, then they are storming the building. The agent hangs up, turns to the local police, and tells them they have 5 minutes to prepare. They're storming the building now. The local chief is astounded. They've released one hostage, and hurt no one so far. The FBI agent says that Dean is a greater danger to the hostages than the risks of SWAT going in.

"This is crazy," the local guy says.
"Crazy's in there, and I just hung up on it," the agent says.

Dead Sheri and Vault Sheri

Sam is still searching. He notices some blood, and opens a closet. Sheri's body falls out. Dean appears, "We've got a bit of a problem outside," he says.
"We've got a problem in here," Sam says, pointing to Sheri's body.

They go to the vault, and tell Sheri they're letting her go. "What? Why me?" she asks.
"It's a show of good faith for the feds," Dean says.

Suddenly Sheri doesn't want to go. Dean insists.

They take Vault Sheri to Dead Sheri's body (this would be a good "Statistically Improbably Phrase" on Amazon...). She's panicked, saying she thought they were letting her go. Instead they show her the Dead Sheri.

And she promptly faints. The brothers are puzzled. Dean hesitates, but is about to kill Vault Sheri, when Sam stops him. "Dean, wait," he says. "What's the advantage of this plan? I mean, fainting now wouldn't help it survive."

"Huh," Dean says. He looks at both bodies. Then again. He walks over to Dead Sheri, and kneels down. The brothers are startled by the sounds of the SWAT team breaking in downstairs. While they're distracted, Dead Sheri grabs Dean by the throat. They fight. Vault Sheri awakens, hysterical. Dean yells at Sam to get her out, and Sam does.

The shifter slips from Dean's grasp, and runs off. Dean follows. The SWAT team is very close, and Dean has to hide from them.

The SWAT team illuminates someone. It's Sheri, and a couple of SWAT officers lead her to safety. Two others illuminate Sam.

Dean is attacked by the shifter.

Sam surprises the officers, and knocks them unconscious.

Dean finally kills the shifter after a brief fight. As he's looking at the body, he's illuminated by a SWAT officer.


The FBI agent in charge, Hendrickson, enters the building. They find 2 dead bodies. One is the earlier hostage that the shifter killed, and the other is the dead shifter. A local cop tells Hendrickson that the Winchesters are not in the building. Hendrickson demands that they search again, but the local cop tells him it won't be necessary, as he leads Hendrickson to 2 SWAT officers, unconscious and without their uniforms.

As the song "Renegade," (a great classic Styx song) plays, the Winchesters make their way to Metallicar. They take off their masks and helmets, and take a few deep breaths.

"We are so screwed," Dean says. And starts the car.

And so the noose gets a bit tighter on the Winchesters....

Posted by Miller on January 26, 2007 7:18 AM
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You are a fine writer.

It's good that such an excellent show would have someone worthy to chronicle it.

-- Posted by: Tim at February 6, 2007 3:13 AM

well done, bro

-- Posted by: grootodaymouth at September 22, 2008 8:56 AM

мда... кто бы мог подумать ...

-- Posted by: Vowcari at April 3, 2009 10:54 PM

mm... love it..

-- Posted by: Vowcari at April 8, 2009 6:46 AM

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