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Supernatural: Hunted

A young man is sitting on a couch speaking to his therapist. He's been having horrible dreams in which a yellow-eyed man tells him to do evil things. "I can electrocute things," he tells the therapist. "You don't believe me... Want to shake on it?" The therapist declines.

He leaves, and as he walks to his car, he hears someone. He turns, no one there. But in the glass, he sees the reflection of a hooded figure, who happens to have a knife which he (or she) uses to ventilate the young man's heart (on a side note, parking is apparently a nationwide problem. Every victim in the movies has to park in some desolate place where, naturally, there are no witnesses and plenty of places for murderers to hide. We should really do something about this).

Cut to Sam and Dean, where we last left them a month and a half ago. Sam is pressing Dean to tell him what John whispered before he died.

"He said that I had to... save you," Dean says."and if I couldn't, I'd..."
"You'd what, Dean?"
"I'd have to kill you."

Sam wants to find out what's going, what the demon's plans are. Dean wants to lay low, sort things out, and find out...

Find out if Sam will need to be killed.

That makes Sam angry, though he's wondered himself if he might not be tainted by the demon. He's not willing to sit this out for a while, but reluctantly agrees when Dean begs him to give him some time to think.

Except what he's really planning on doing is sneaking from the motel room, stealing a car and investigating the people with powers like him.

We next see Sam looking at an address on a piece of paper with a motel name on it. It's an abandoned house, and Sam peeks through a hole in the wall, then picks the lock on the back door. Once inside, he steps on a hidden trip wire, and is blown to bits.

Except he isn't, it's a young woman, Ava, who's having a nightmare.

Meanwhile, Sam has actually ended up back at the roadhouse, where he finds out from Ellen that Jo has left home to become a hunter, and that Ellen forgave John, but isn't willing to talk about what happened during the hunt where her husband, Bill, was killed.

Sam has Ash track down people in the US who fit Sam's profile, born in the same year, mother killed in a nursery fire. There are 4 of them. That's right, just 4. Sam, Max (from the Season 1 episode "Nightmare"), Andrew (from the Season 2 episode "Simon Said") and one other, Scott, who was recently murdered. So Sam is off to Lafayette, Indiana, the scene of the crime.

Sam interviews Scott's father pretending to be a high school friend. He talks his way into seeing Scott's room, where in the closet he finds a disturbing montage of people with yellow eyes, and a prescription with a therapist's name.

He returns to the motel, where he feels like he's being followed, and finds Ava, who tells him he's in danger. She's been having headaches, and nightmares, one of which was of a young man being stabbed in a parking lot. And another was of Sam being blown up. She remembered the motel stationery, and tracked him down to warn him. Sam tells her that she must be like him, but she doesn't fit the pattern. Her mother wasn't killed, and her life has been totally normal up until the nightmares.

Ava wants Sam to leave town, but instead, he convinces her to stay and help him. She visits the therapist, pretending to be an appointment (very funny line: she asks the therapist if eating 8 packages of Pop Rocks at a time and drinking Coke qualifies as a suicide attempt - nice throwback to the 80s urban legend about that particular combo being deadly). While the therapist is occupied, Sam steals Scott's file. The recordings within reveal that the yellow-eyed man told him that he, and people like him, were to be soldiers for evil in a coming war against humans.

Meanwhile, Dean calls Ellen and pressures her into revealing where Sam is. Dean finds Sam's motel, and watches him talking to Ava through the window. Suddenly, the window is shattered by a bullet. Sam pulls Ava to cover. Dean looks for the source of the shot, and finds it on a nearby roof.

It's our old friend Gordon, and Dean quickly beats the living crap out of him. Unfortunately, he doesn't disarm Gordon, and though Dean is too close to shoot, he's plenty close enough to be knocked unconscious by the butt of the rifle.

By the time Sam investigates the nearby roof the shots came from, Gordon and Dean are long gone. Sam finds a bullet that implies the shooter used a silencer, and was therefore a professional (he also had a funny allusion to 80s TV show TJ Hooker). Sam calls Dean for help. Dean gives him the code word (Funkytown, LOL. Sam says to Ava "He thought of's ... it's kind of a long story.") that tells Sam he's being held at gunpoint, and also gives him an address where they can meet. It's the address that Ava saw in her dream.

Yes, Gordon has Dean hostage, and he's planning on setting Sam up during the rescue attempt, since he assumes rightly that Dean has warned Sam somehow. While Gordon waits, he has a nice expository scene, I mean, chat, with Dean. He was doing an exorcism and the demon let slip about the war. Gordon tortured the demon until he got the whole story, including the news about Sam's powers. He then confirmed the story with one of his own roadhouse sources (a traitor at the roadhouse!). Gordon also confesses to killing Scott.

So now we're at the scene where Sam finds the address. He peeks through the cracks, and sees Dean and Gordon, just as Gordon planned. He picks the lock on the back door, just as Gordon planned.

Gordon waits inside with Dean. There's one explosion. But Gordon has set 2 traps - he knows Sam is good. Then there's a second explosion. Gordon takes his rifle to make sure Sam is dead. He sees Sam's shoe lying smoking in the debris, and while he's looking, Sam comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head.

Gordon quickly knocks the gun away, and they fight. Sam wins, and aims the rifle at Gordon. Gordon tells him to shoot, but Sam knocks him unconscious instead. Sam frees Dean.

Dean wants to kill Gordon, knowing that he will keep hunting Sam. But Sam says Gordon is taken care of. As they are leaving, Gordon chases them, firing pistols from both hands at them. Sam and Dean run, then take cover. Dean wonders what they should do, but Sam tells him to wait, and within seconds, the police show up to arrest Gordon for the murder of Scott. Sam left an anonymous tip with the police.

Later, Dean calls Ellen and accuses her of tipping Gordon off about Sam. Ellen denies it, but tells Dean that it was probably another hunter. Sam attempts to call Ava to tell her that everything's okay, and check on her status. She's not answering. Dean tries to talk Sam into giving up hunting again, but Sam refuses. Sam wants to confront his fate head-on.

Sam is getting a bad feeling about not being able to reach Ava. So they head for Ava's house. When they arrive, it's eerily quiet. They break in, and go through the house. In the bedroom, they find Ava's fiance murdered in bed, in a huge pool of blood. There is sulfur on the windowsill, signifying that the demon had been there. Near the bed, in a small pool of blood, Sam steps on something. It's Ava's engagement ring.

"Ava," he says.

Posted by Miller on January 12, 2007 6:42 AM
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