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Supernatural: Croatoan

Those lying liars at The CW.

Dream a little dream of me

Sam has another prophetic dream. In this one, a young man is tied to a chair, and Dean is holding him at gunpoint. He apparently is potentially infected by .... something? He pleads for his life, but Dean hesitates, then fires.

Oregon trail

And we're on our way to Oregon.

The brothers impersonate US Marshalls this time, and describe the man in the dream to a local that Dean calls Sarge, because of his Marine Corps tattoo. Small town, he knows exactly who the man is, Duane Tanner, and he tells the Winchesters how to find him. Sam notices the word "Croatoan" carved on a pole. Dean doesn't recognize it, but Sam does. He tells Dean the legend of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island. With that info, and knowing that Sam's dreams usually mean the yellow-eyed demon is involved somehow, the brothers decide this is too big for them to handle alone. They try to phone Bobby or Ellen, but can't get coverage. They try a pay phone, but it's out. In fact, all the phones are down.

Duane's house

So they go to the Duane's house, but he's not there, just his creepy-seeming brother and father. Suspicious, the brothers take a look around. They see brother and pops about to smear blood into a cut on a woman's shoulder.

They burst in, and Pops rushes Dean, who shoots him dead, dead, dead. Brother, however, escapes when Sam hesitates gunning him down.

Went to the doctor

The woman looks to be injured, so Sam and Dean take her to the nearest clinic. The doctor
there is shaken. Two men, claiming to be US Marshalls, have shot her neighbor, and claim
that he attacked first his wife, then Dean. Something is wrong. The women tells the doctor
that her husband and son "had the devil in them."

Dean leaves Sam to try to get help. This seems bigger than they can handle alone. While
he's gone, he finds a car with a bullet hole through the window, and blood all over the
inside. There is a bloody knife nearby.

Back at the clinic, the doctor has examined the body of the man Dean shot. His blood is
strange, there are traces of some type of infection and residue of sulfur.

Meanwhile, Dean has run into a barricade. One of those manning it is none other than the
boy that escaped from Sam. One of the people at the barricade tries to convince Dean to
leave his car, but he refuses, and manages to escape with some nifty driving, amid a hail of

Good neighbors

When the doctor tries to take a sample of the woman's blood, she is attacked. Sam knocks
her unconscious with a fire extinguisher.

Dean is stopped by Sarge, the local who told them how to find the man in Sam's dream. He
tells a strange story of neighbors suddenly attacking people unprovoked. Sarge believes
Dean may be infected, and Dean is suspicious of Sarge. Cautiously, Dean drives Sarge to the
clinic while holding a gun on him.

John's notebook

At the clinic, Sam tells Dean what happened. He also fills Dean in on what he found in
John's notebook. John's theory was that "Croatoan" was the name of a demon. Sarge tells of
the effects of the infection, how those infected got stronger and more violent the longer
they were infected. He - and Dean - believe that the woman must be killed. The woman
attempts to appear normal, but Dean isn't buying. He shoots her.

They hear someone yelling to be let into the clinic. When they open the door, it's the man
from Sam's dream, Duane. Dean notices a cut on his leg, so they tie him up and wait to see if he's
infected. The incubation period is apparently 3 hours, according to the doctor.
Dean is already convinced that Duane is infected. Sam disagrees. He thinks they should
wait until it's clear he's possessed. Dean thinks it's too dangerous. Sam says that Dean
is becoming too violent, and too willing to kill innocents. Dean thinks it's too hard to
sort out, and that they should kill anyone suspicious to keep themselves safe. Sam believes
sorting out the innocent from the guilty is the essence of their job. Dean locks Sam in the
room, and goes to kill Duane. He stands there, gun trained on him, for a long time, but
in the end, can't pull the trigger.

Explosive situation

They're in a tough situation. In a building with a potentially dangerous infected person,
no clear way out, and few prospects if they stay. But Sam notices a few of the medical
supplies, and figures out that they can make some explosives. That might give them a chance
to escape.

While Sam is putting together the explosives, the nurse, Pam, locks the door. She's been
waiting for a chance to get him alone, she says. She moves toward him, and suddenly
attacks, knocking him down. While she has him on the floor, she cuts him and smears some of
her blood in the cut.

Dean breaks into the room, and shoots Pam. But it's too late.

Sam is now infected.


Sarge and the others want to kill Sam. Dean threatens to kill anyone that tries. Instead,
he gives them the keys to the Impala, and says he'll stay with Sam. Sam tells him to go,
but leave his gun and he'll kill himself. He doesn't want to end up like the others. Dean
says that he wants to stay, that's he's tired of the life they're leading.

But before they can get too "chick flick," as Dean has said, the others return. The
infected people have all just ... disappeared.

Five hours later, the doctor reports that Sam's blood is clear, no sign of the infection.

And strangely, the blood samples she's collected show no sign any more, either.


Sarge and Duane decide to leave the town, so they load up a truck and hit the road. A few
miles down the road, Duane asks Sarge to pull over. He slashes Sarge's throat, and collects
the blood in a cup, reminiscent of Meg in the season 1 episode "Scarecrow." Duane contacts
some evil entity, and reports that no further tests are necessary, all went according to
plan. Sam was immune, as expected.

The secret, not revealed

Sam and Dean, meanwhile, are also on the road. Sam, as usual, wants to talk about Dean's
feelings from the night before. Dean tries to make light of it, but in the end, says that
he's beginning to feel like the burden is too much to bear. Sam asks him what he means.
Dean says, all of it. But in particular, something he can't tell Sam because of a promise
he made to John. Sam tells Dean he can't leave it at that. And Dean says, it was something
he said just before he died. Something about you, Sam.


Those lying liars at CW said we'd find out in this episode what the secret was! Guess we'll
have to wait, but how long?

Posted by Miller on December 8, 2006 12:49 PM
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