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Supernatural: Simon Said

This will be a short critique. The episode was pretty straightforward, with not much new added.

Dean lives!

Dean appears to be mostly back to normal. The incessant rage from the last 2 episodes seems to be dissipated. He even has a couple decent one-liners ("... Moby Dick's bong" for example).

But all is not quite as rosy as it seems. Dean, under the influence of the mind-controlling Andrew, says outright that he's afraid that Sam may turn out to be a killer, and that they may ultimately come into conflict.

Sam worries

This episode shows us Sam's internal conflict. Sam is worried that he will become a tool of the demon, or that his powers will be used for evil, especially since he can't seem to control them. Somehow, Dean is not as worried. Does Dean know something that Sam does not - something John whispered to him in the hospital? Or is Dean just putting up an act to keep Sam from worrying about something he can't change?

November sweeps!

November is sweeps month for the networks. Eric Kripke has already mentioned that Dean will reveal John's secret during November sweeps. I would expect it to happen later in the month rather than earlier, to build anticipation (and viewers). I would also expect some very intense episodes with some interesting twists.

Posted by Miller on November 2, 2006 7:06 AM
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-- Posted by: shola at November 4, 2006 8:22 AM

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