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Supernatural: No Exit

Very intense episode, with a historical underpinning. Fireworks between Dean, Jo, and .... Ellen? Plus, we get a hint about John's troubled past with Ellen.

Family troubles

Dean and Sam overhear an argument between Ellen and Jo. Turns out Jo has a lead on a new hunt, and wants to go herself. Ellen is adamant she won't. She lost her husband, she won't lose her daughter, too.

So Sam and Dean head off to Philadelphia to investigate disappearances of petite blonds from an apartment building with no apparent history of violent deaths. Just disappearances about every decade.

They arrive and check out the apartment of the latest victim. The EMF meters peg; there is a spirit about, and he's a very disturbed spirit. He left ectoplasm behind.

Leaving the apartment, they meet up with Jo, who is conning the building manager into thinking she wants to rent the apartment. After handing him a thick wad of cash, she's the new leaser. "Where did you get that kind of cash?" Sam asks. "Hunters don't tip that well," Dean adds.

"They don't play poker that well, either," Jo answers. Turns out she told her mom she was headed for Vegas.


Jo has done her homework. There haven't been any violent deaths in the building, and the lot used to be vacant. They decide to have a look around with their EMF meters. But before they can leave, Ellen calls. She doesn't believe Jo's story, and thinks she's there on the hunt, but Dean covers for her.

While they are EMFing, Jo misunderstands Dean's concern about her as being misogyny. Dean explains that it's not. He doesn't think a hunt is any place for an amateur.

Their meters lead them to an air vent. Dean looks around, sees something, and pulls out a big wad of hair with part of the scalp still attached. Yuck. He also smells something familiar, but can't quite identify it.

That night, another woman disappears.

While Sam tells them about the latest disappearance, they look at the past photos from the building and lot again. They notice that the building had bars on the windows. It was a prison, and a quick call to Ash reveals the names of 150 or so people executed on the vacant lot where the building now stands.

Sam recognizes one of the names as an alias for H. H. Holmes, America's first confirmed serial killer. Not coincidentally, he had a thing for petite, blond women. He also used to capture his victims using chloroform (that's what Dean smelled) and keep them prisoner, giving them hope for finding the latest disappearance still alive. They can't burn and salt his bones because they're encased in concrete in his tomb, because he was afraid someone would desecrate his corpse. So how do they kill it?

Breaking the walls down

Holmes kept his victims inside secret rooms in the walls, so they set off to try to find any place the walls may be large enough for a room. Finding one are, Dean and Jo enter. But Dean is too large to follow the entire way, so he and Jo keep in contact on their phones, while Jo continues on and Dean searches for another passage.

But Jo is captured by Holmes. Dean finds her cell phone. Unfortunately for Dean, Ellen also has figured out that Jo lied to her. Ash ratted her out. Dean breaks down and tells her Jo is gone. Ellen says she'll be on the first flight out.


Sam tells Dean that there is an abandoned sewer beneath the building. He thinks Holmes may be there. So they head off into the city to find an accessible entrance. They do, and snake their way through.

Meanwhile, Jo is trapped in a box with small slots in it. Holmes occasionally reaches inside to grope her. Fortunately, Jo still has a knife and manages to inflict a little pain on the temporarily corporeal spirit. As he attempts to chloroform her, the brothers show up and dissipate him with a blast of rock salt.

One Holmes retreats to lick his wounds, the Winchesters start to free Jo and the other woman trapped there. They get the woman out, but convince Jo to remain as bait.

She waits. Holmes shows up and advances on her from behind. But the Winchesters are there, and close off the exit Holmes used. They simultaneously pull Jo to safety. Only then does Holmes notice that he's ringed in salt. Trapped!


Once outside, Jo wants to know what if a storm washes the salt away, or someone else finds the same sewer entrance. Dean shows up driving a cement mixer, which they proceed to use to fill the sewer.

Yes, trapped forever.

A long trip home

The trip home is quieter than usual. The camera pans to the backseat with Sam and Jo, then to Dean driving, then to Ellen, who made good on her promise to fly in. Dean tries to make a joke, fails, then tries to lighten the mood with some music, which turns out to be Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" (I love the music director for this show!) He gives up. "This is going to be a long trip."

Back at the roadhouse, Jo and Ellen have it out. Ellen doesn't want to lose Jo, but Jo insists she was safe with the Winchesters. That's when the incredulous Ellen drops the bombshell on Jo.

Jo storms out of the roadhouse, and Dean tries to stop her to console her. She tells him not now. He's hurt and confused, and Jo sees it. She tells him, "My dad and your dad were on a hunt together. My dad's last hunt. John screwed up, and my dad died."

She walks off, leaving Sam and Dean speechless.

Posted by Miller on November 3, 2006 8:20 PM
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Didn't see that happening.

BTW: Misogyny means hatred of women. You probably mean chauvinism, which usually means the belief that men are superior.

-- Posted by: Arariel at September 29, 2008 10:43 PM

does anyone know the name of the song that it s played while dean is downloading the cement from the truck?

-- Posted by: santiago at July 15, 2009 11:00 PM


-- Posted by: vwwohdbdgs at November 29, 2012 4:00 PM

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