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Supernatural: Simon Said

This was a really dark episode. I hope they don't overload the audience with one after another of these type episodes. I think this type of show needs the occasional humor to lighten the mood.

Dark visions

Episode starts with Sam having visions of a murder suicide. He believes that the visions are related to the demon, or to others with psychic powers. Sure enough, they are able to find a child, Andrew, whose mother was killed in a nursery room fire. Based on clues in the vision, and with Ash's help, they find the town where the vision took place. They arrive and sure enough, like in most small towns, the best place to find out information is the local diner/coffee shop. Just so happens, the owner, Tracy, is a friend of Andrew's, and tells them where to find him. But not before Webber, an employee at the diner, announces his admiration for Andrew. Is he mind-controlled also?

Down on the corner

The brothers find Andrew and follow him. Sam is able to temporarily stop the murder, but the suicide victim, after a cell phone call, goes to plan B and steps in front of a bus.

Meanwhile, Dean is following Andrew, who drives a conversion van with mural of a barbarian queen riding a polar bear. (Dean seems stuck in the 70s. He really likes that van.)

Andrew notices that he's being followed, and pulls over to talk to Dean. Inexplicably, he just gives the Impala to Andrew. Yes, Andrew can control people's minds.

Sam sees Andrew driving the Impala, and he knows something's up. He meets up with Dean, and Dean knows that his mind is being controlled.


Meanwhile, Andrew has been talking to his friend Tracy. He tracks down the Winchesters and demands to know what's going on. Dean, unable to stop himself, spills everything, including his fear that Sam may be a killer like Max (from episode 1.14, Nightmare), and apparently, Andrew. Andrew denies being a killer, and Dean agrees.

While they are talking, there is another murder. Sam puts Ash on the case, and he comes up with an interesting coincidence: the woman killed gave birth close to the time Andrew was born. Was Andrew adopted? Yes, he was. And after a quick trip to the county records office, they find that Andrew was actually a twin.

A little check with DMV finds that Andrew's twin is.... Webber?

Stopping Webber

Webber, meanwhile, has taken a liking to Tracy, but he finds out that Tracy and Andrew have something of a relationship. So he decides to make Tracy kill herself, after he has a little fun first. Sam has a vision, and the brothers arrive in time to stop Webber's plan. Dean hands Sam and Andrew guns, and stays well back, knowing he can't be trusted not to fall under Webber's control.

Sam subdues Webber, but he forgets about Tracy, who clubs him unconscious. Webber tells Andrew that they must be together, that they are destined for great things. He knows. The man with the yellow eyes told him.

The demon.

Dean, far back and up on a hill, sees what's going on. He gets a rifle with a scope and takes careful aim. But Webber senses him, and forces Dean to aim the gun at his own head.

Suddenly, a gunshot rings out, and we see that Andrew has shot Webber.

The demon's plan?

In the aftermath, Andrew convinces the police that Webber shot himself and that they witnessed it. Sam is fretting. Andrew is a killer also. Dean is strangely not worried. Sam is. Andrew is a killer. Sam is a killer. Dean disagrees, he believes both Andrew and Sam killed only when they had no choice. Sam wonders if the demon's plan is to put the psychic children is situations where they are pushed to kill. Dean is not worried still.

Andrew wonders what he'll do now. Tracy is frightened of him, but he likes her too much to control her mind. Dean only says, "Stay good."

"Or..." Andrew says.

"Or we'll be back," Dean says.

Back at the roadhouse, the Winchesters spill the whole story to Ellen. She doesn't seem surprised, but she does seem worried. Especially since Webber apparently did not lose his mother in a nursery room fire.....

Posted by Miller on October 28, 2006 12:29 AM
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