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Supernatural: Prediction Scorecard

I made a number of predictions on 9/27, and a number of them have proven true already. That's not surprising, though. on some of them I took the carnival fortune-teller approach, meaning I made very general predictions that you can interpret several ways.

Still, let's see how I did, because how/if I got some right influences how I think the rest of the season will go.


Making the battles matter:

Grade so far: C


More "red shirts". Well, no new hunters introduced. But the writers used a couple of random people in the hospital dying, including a child.

I predicted the writers would have to really put the family in danger, and they did that. Dean had to choose between death, and becoming an angry spirit himself. John had to choose between saving Dean and himself. That was a great conflict that, no matter which way he chose, would cause ongoing additional conflicts throughout the season.

John Winchester's death:

Grade: C

I nailed it, though I expected it to happen later in the season. I also can't take full credit because I knew Jeffrey Dean Morgan's contract was not settled.

I had heard that Morgan's contract for this year was 4 episodes. Based on that, I believe we'll continue to see John, probably in flashbacks.

New characters:

Grade so far: F


No new characters (I don't believe Tessa will be recurring), and no love interests.


Additional backstory on hunters

Grade so far: D

Not much new info, except for info on how angry spirits come into being.


Grade so far: D

The hunters have not become the hunted yet. Though I'm not giving myself a failing grade quite yet. John hinted that it may come to that in the episode.


Grade so far: B

I give myself credit for predicing a time-sensitive mission. The family was in a race against Dean's rapidly failing health in this one.

I did pretty well predicting a moral dilemma. The choice faced by Dean to either give up and die, which is not in his nature, or to become an angry spirit himself is exactly the kind of moral choice I'm talking about. Sure, I didn't nail it exactly, so I can't give myself an A. And "moral dilemma" is pretty ambiguous.

I missed on the identity dilemma, at least for this episode.

And I guess death is a form of separation, but I won't take full credit for predicting a family separation in this episode.


Grade so far: B


Have to give myself a "B" for this one. We didn't get flashbacks or more info on the dark work of hunting, but we did get a non-evil, nonviolent spirit. And we did get hints about John and Sam's relationship, and the demon's plans for Sam.


I think I did pretty well. Obviously, not all of those predictions were going to come true in the single episode. None of the predictions are ruled out for the season at this point, either.

So here is my prediction for the next couple of weeks:

For the next couple of episodes, I think the conflicts are going to be based on the possibility of Sam and Dean going their separate ways again. John set this up with his whisper to Dean, and his secrets regarding his knowledge of Sam's abilities. I also still think we are going to get more info on hunters, or new hunters, within the next 2 or 3 episodes.

Oh, and one final prediction: No, Sam is not demonspawn.

Posted by Miller on October 1, 2006 8:43 PM
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