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Supernatural: Everybody Loves a Clown

Great episode. A wedge is driven between the brothers, a new love interest shows up, and the show gets its own version of "The Lone Gunmen" (and he really is "lone").

A warrior's farewell

The brothers burn their dad on a warrior's funeral pyre, which, incidentally, also makes it unlikely he can hang around as an angry spirit.

But with the loss of John, they've also lost something else - direction. Dean hangs around working on Metallicar all day, while Sam is itching to hunt. He just doesn't have a clue what to hunt.

And hints of a rift begin to surface. During the cremation, Sam asks Dean if John said something before he died. Anything. Dean says no, looking guilty.

Fortunately, Sam is soon able to break John's voicemail password. There is one message, 4 months old, from an old friend offering to help John. With nothing better to do, the brothers are off to meet Ellen, borrowing a car from Bobby.

Well, not just any car. A beater minivan. And instead of classic rock, the radio plays "Do That To Me One More Time." Now that's comedy gold!

Love sweet love?

The brothers enter (well, technically, "break and enter") the roadhouse that Ellen runs to find it deserted, except for an apparent drunk sleeping on a pool table. Deserted? Not so fast. They soon find themselves being questioned at gunpoint by Ellen and her daughter, Jo.

When she learns the identity of the brothers, she quickly fills them in on a few things. Her saloon is a meeting point for hunters, and John used to be almost like family once.

Why hasn't John ever mentioned her, Dean wonders.

"You'd have to ask him that," she says. The brothers can't quite meet her eyes. John's dead, they inform her, victim of the demon. And they could use her help.

"Well, we can't," she says. "But Ash will." Turns out the drunk on the pool table is a supposed "genius". They give Ash all of John's notes on the demon. Ash is impressed. He can track the demon using John's notes, but it's going to take some time to organize it. How long? "Give me 51 hours," he says.

Sam notices a folder Ellen has been keeping on reports of parents being murdered, and the children left safe. Meanwhile, Dean and Jo strike up a conversation. Dean starts to make a half-hearted pickup attempt, but stops himself.

"You know, I thought you were going to toss me some cheap pickup line," Jo says. She's impressed that Dean is different from most of the hunters that pass by, who try to "get in my pants with some pizza, a six-pack, and side 1 of 'Zeppelin IV'."

"What a bunch of scumbags," Dean says.

"Not you," Jo says.

"Guess not," Dean replies.

And thus, is love born? Safe bet.

Sam interrupts them. There's something to the clippings. The hunt is on!

Send in the clowns

Driving through the night, in the rain, Sam explains what he found.

"You gotta be kidding me, killer clown?" Dean asks incredulously. But it's real. It's been ripping the parents to shreds, but leaving the kids unharmed. The kids report seeing the clown vanish, but the police write it off to trauma.

Another tidbit comes out. Turns out Sam is afraid of clowns. "At least I'm not afraid of flying," he says in response to Dean's taunts.

"Yeah, well planes crash!" Dean says.

"And apparently clowns kill!" Sam says.


The clown has killed before, in 1981, another carnival connection, but different carnival. They speculate that the spirit may be haunting a cursed object. "Paranormal scavenger hunt," Sam groans. Dean wonders why Sam is so keen to hunt, and Sam says it's because he thinks it's what John would have wanted. Dean starts to comment, and stops himself.

Meanwhile, the clown kills again.

The next morning, Dean scouts around, and while waiting for Dean, a female midget stops and stares at Sam, who stares back. What kind of connection is there? Dean arrives, and tells him the bad news. The clown has killed again. They realize they are going to have to scan the carnival for the EMF a cursed object will give off, so they need to blend in.

They apply for a job, after a potentially nasty run-in with a blind knife-thrower. They meet Mr. Cooper, the carnival owner, who tells them they should go to college, not work a carnival, but they get hired when Sam assures him, maybe a little too earnestly, that they don't want to go to college. Is that really how Sam feels, Dean wonders? Sam isn't sure, but he thinks that's what John would have wanted. "Since when did you give a damn what Dad wanted?" Dean asks.

"Since he died," Sam says, "You got a problem with that?"

"No," Dean says, "I don't have a problem with that."

They spend the day scanning for EMF. The knife-thrower catches Dean and wants to know what he's up to. Dean tells him they're looking for ghosts, that he and Sam are writing a book about them.

The brothers meet up, and witness a little girl seeing a clown that vanishes before they can see it. They follow the family home. Dean notices a connection that Mr. Cooper had with the previous carnival. They think he may be taking the cursed object with him. They see the child start to open the door to someone. Arriving just in time, Dean shoots the spirit full of rock salt. Except it's not a spirit! It reacts just like a human would, except that when it escapes, it vanishes as it bursts through a window.

The brothers have to escape also, since the parents awaken to find the two standing in their house, armed, and no clown to be seen.

They ditch the minivan in case the parents saw the plates. "Besides, I hated that freakin' thing, anyway," Dean says. On the walk back to town, they speculate on the nature of John's relationship with Ellen. Dean doesn't think there was ever any romantic involvement. Sam asks, "Then why didn't he ever tell us about her?"

Dean says, "I dunno, maybe they had some sort of a falling out."

"Yeah. You ever notice, Dad had a falling out with just about everybody?" Sam asks. This causes them to argue. Sam accuses Dean of not dealing with John's death, Dean accuses Sam of the same. They stop and glare at each other, then Sam stalks off to call Ellen to ask if she has any ideas about the creature they're facing this time.


A few moments later, Sam has a lead. Ellen thinks it's a Rakshasa, an ancient Hindu creature that takes human form, eats human flesh, and can't enter a home until invited. They feed a couple of times every 20-30 years. Someone worked both carnivals associated with clown murders, Dean notes. Cooper.

Fortunately, not only is there a way to kill these creatures - a dagger of pure brass - but there is also a simple test to determine if an apparent human is actually a rakshasa. Rakshasas live in squalor, and sleep on beds of dead insects. Dean thinks he knows where to find a brass dagger, so Sam goes to see if Cooper is sleeping on the Orkin morgue.

Cut to Sam entering Cooper's trailer. Just as he's about to slit the mattress, Cooper surprises him, rifle in hand.

Meanwhile, Dean is walking with the knife-thrower.

"I've got all kinds of knives," the knife-thrower says. "But I don't know if I've got a brass one." They enter his trailer. "Check the trunk," he says, gesturing. Dean opens it, and inside is a clown costume.

Dean looks up, "You?"

The knife-thrower smiles. "Me," he says, features blurring as he fades to invisibility.

Suddenly knives start whizzing at Dean. He bursts through the door and runs. Sam sees him, and Dean tells him it's the knife-thrower. And he didn't get the knife.

"It's just been one of those days," he says.

Sam has an idea, and they head to the fun house. They enter, and as Sam leaves the maze exit, a door slams in Dean's face. They're separated. Sam tells Dean to head for the maze to go around the door.

Sam finds the pipe organ. Brass pipes with a sharp, pointy end. Brilliant! He struggles to pull one out of the organ. Dean comes out of the maze, but neither knows where the creature is. Suddenly, knives slam into Dean's shirt, pinning him to the wall. Sam searches frantically, and narrowly misses getting a knife between the eyes.

Dean looks up, spots a steam relief valve for the pipe organ. He pulls it, releasing steam into the room. With the mist, the can barely make out the movement of an indistinct shape.

"Sam, behind you!" Dean yells. Without turning, Sam slams the pipe behind him. It hits paydirt, and the creature collapses to the floor, dying.

The, Demon-alert

Cut to the roadhouse. Pan of lots of scruffy looking guys cleaning weapons. The brothers and Jo sit at the bar. Funny moment when Jo gives a long, meaningful "Could we have some privacy here?" look at Sam. Sam looks back. Still looking back. His eyes widen, and he says, "Oh, yeah, I've gotta... uh, I've gotta go... over there... right now." Jo smiles.

"So, am I going to see you again?" Jo asks Dean.

"Do you want to?" Dean asks.

"I wouldn't hate it," she says.

Dean confesses that normally he would hit on her, but lately....

Ash comes out of the back room, a weird looking laptop computer under his arm. A certain pattern of omens and events signal that the demon is about to appear. Ash has rigged the laptop to scan for these events, and signal him. He promises to call if anything shows up.

"Where'd you learn to do all this?" Sam asks.

"M.I.T., before I got bounced for fighting," Ash says.

Ellen offers the brothers a place to stay, but Dean refuses. "Thanks, but I've got something I've got to finish."

Back at Bobby's, Dean is working on Metallicar. Sam walks up, and gives him a heartfelt speech about how he feels guilty about hating John for most of his life, and for picking a fight with him right before he died. He's not all right, he says. "But neither are you. That much I know."

He walks away. Dean turns, picks up a crowbar, and starts smashing windows. He turns, and - NO! - begins pounding Metallicar's trunk with the bar.

It's the most gruesome act ever on the series. I mean that semi-seriously. John gave Dean that car, and to beat it is showing his anger with John, and with himself. The guilt-meter is pushing 11 here. But is there something else here also? Is there some anger, some jealousy towards Sam?

We'll have to wait to find out.

I'll be back in a few days with trivia, a critique, and hopefully some pics.

Posted by Miller on October 6, 2006 6:31 AM
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