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Supernatural: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

This will be an abbreviated recap. I don't have a DVD to rewatch it play by play.

Honoring the Dead

Sam decides that visiting Mary's grave (actually, her monument, there was no body found after the fire) will help him deal with John's death. Dean doesn't want to go, but won't say why.

When they arrive, Dean won't go near the grave. But he notices perfect circle of dead grass around one grave, someone named Angela, and many other dead plants near it. He talks to the cemetery caretaker, but the caretaker can't explain it.

Dean believes it's unholy ground, and wants to investigate. Sam believes Dean is just looking to hunt something - anything.

The investigation

The brothers track down the grieving father to ask him some questions. The father is a professor of ancient greek, who happens to have some unusual books on his shelf. But his daughter was pretty much perfect, no hints at an angry spirit returning.

But Dean won't give up that easily. He breaks into Angela's apartment to search, and runs into Angela's roommate. She's pretty broken up. In addition to Angela, Angela's boyfriend just committed suicide.

He slit his own throat. Allegedly. We know better. Angela killed him.

Dean knows better also. So he goes back to Sam with the news. Sam is starting to become convinced. So they decide the way to handle it is to burn the bones. They break into the cemetery, dig up the grave, and..... it's empty, except for some Greek writing left in the casket.

Dean is livid, borderline psychotic. Sam can't figure out why. Dean burst into Angela's father's house, and confronts him, accusing him of necromancy. He is puzzled, and denies it, but is frightened of Dean's intense anger. He calls the police, and Sam drags Dean away.

Outside, Sam confronts Dean and tells him he's spiralling out of control, that he's becoming self-destructive, and he needs to deal with John's death. Dean apologizes. He acknowledges that Sam is right, but they need to kill the zombie.

How do you kill a zombie?

Sam researches zombies. The problem is, there are too many ways to kill them, with few common threads. One commonality is silver, so they decide to use silver bullets.

Dean researches Angela. They decide to check up on Neal, Angela's best friend. As they are questioning him, he lets slip that Angela caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

Dean has a hunch it's the roommate, who seemed a little too broken up about Angela's boyfriend's death. They go to her apartment, and arrive just in time to save the roommate. But the silver doesn't kill Anglea, just slow her down a little.

Neal is the culprit, Dean decides, based on Angela's diary and the fact that Neal is a Teaching Assistant to Angela's father. So the brothers go off to confront Neal. Meanwhile, Sam finds another common thread in zombie legends. You can kill them if you nail them back into their coffin.

They arrive at Neal's office. He at first denies it, but Dean is not buying it. Finally, Neal admits it, and says Angela is at his house. Dean knows better, he sees the dead plants in the office. He tells Neal they will perform a ritual at Angela's grave, and that will kill her within hours. Before he leaves, Dean says to Neal - come with us. Neal refuses. Dean then whispers - whatever you do, don't make her angry, just get out as fast as you can.

But Neal is nervous, and betrays his intention to escape. Angela kills him. Crime doesn't pay.

At the gravesite, the brothers await Angela. They hear noises, and go investigate. Sam finds Angela, and shoots her, but that just makes her angry. She chases him and catches him, but before she can kill him, Dean shoots her, then again, which causes her to fall into her coffin. He leaps in and slams a stake through her.

Dead again.

"What's dead should stay dead!" Dean says.

After filling in the grave, Sam mentions his broken hand (Jared Padelecki really did break his hand during filming one episode. They had to write it in.). He asks Dean if he wants a few moments at Mary's grave. Dean declines.


They drive off. Suddenly, Dean swerves off to the side of the road, and gets out. He knows. He tells Sam that he figured out what John had done. How Dean suddenly became miraculously healthy, and minutes later John dies, and the Colt is gone. He doesn't know how the demon was involved, but Dean knows that Dean's survival wasn't natural, and that he should have died. And that John's death was his fault, because if Dean had died, John would not have had to sacrifice himself.

Dean asks Sam what he could possibly say to make him feel better about that.

Posted by Miller on October 20, 2006 12:00 AM
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