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Supernatural: Bloodlust

Return of Metallicar

Opening sequence shows Sam and Dean in Impala, cruising down an empty highway to AC/DC's "Back in Black". Not a flashback, Metallicar is back! Excellent choice of music, also.

Back on the hunt

Dean seems more his old self. He's itching for a hunt, and some cattle mutilations plus a few headless corpses may be something worth looking into. So a bit of identity fraud later, they're in the morgue, prying open a disembodied head's mouth. Why? Just to see if a Satanic cult may have left a sign in there. Instead, they find retractable fangs. Somebody is hunting.

Another town, another bar

They head to a bar - where else? - and find out there have been a few strangers hanging around. It's not much info, but you do what you can. But somebody is listening in, and follows as they leave. The Winchesters manage to turn the tables on the man, and find out he's a hunter named Gordon. He's been tracking a nest of vampires in the area for the last year.

Dean offers to help, but Gordon insists that he's a solo act. "But hey, I hear there's a chupacabra two states over. Go ahead and knock yourselves out." There's my shout out to the chupa!

Cut to a warehouse, where Gordon attacks a vampire. The vampire has the upper hand, until Sam and Dean rescue Gordon. Dean decapitates the vampire with a chop saw.

Dean seems to have found a kindred spirit. While Sam goes back to the motel, Gordon and Dean hang out and drink a few. Gordon got into the "business" when he was just 18, and his sister was attacked by a vampire. The vampire that attacked his sister was his very first kill. They have a bit of a heart to heart, and Dean confesses that he's not handling John's death very well. Hunting is keeping him going, it seems. They also discuss the lack of moral ambiguity with the job. "It's all black and white. There's no maybe. You find the bad thing," Gordon says. "kill it." Dean thinks Sam would disagree. Gordon thinks Sam isn't like him, or Dean. "You and me, we were born to do this. It's in our blood," he says.


Meanwhile, Sam is kidnapped by the vampires. They take him, hooded, to an abandoned farm. The leader of the vampires, Lenore, tells Sam they are peaceful. They've recognized they are a dying breed and have capitulated. They know they can't win, so they're just trying to survive, living on animal blood, which they find disgusting. As proof to him that they are legit, they let him go.

Sam arrives at the motel and tries to explain to Dean. Dean's not buying it, he wants to kill the creatures. "If it's supernatural, we kill it. End of story. That's our job," Dean says.

"No, Dean, that is not our job. Our job is hunting evil. If these things are not killing people, they're not evil," Sam replies.

Dean believes Gordon has it right, that all vampires have to be exterminated. Sam accuses Dean of trying to replace John with Gordon. Dean punches Sam.

As they're arguing, Gordon, and the keys to Metallicar, slip away. Sam wants to stop him from killing the vampires. Dean wants to follow to help. Dean finally agrees to follow Gordon, and play it by ear from there.

Sam, judging by time and the contours and turns of the road, is able to find his way back to the farmhouse where he was kept captive. Gordon is already there. He has tied up Lenore, poisoning her with dead man's blood to torture her into revealing the location of the nest. Sam explains that these vampires are peaceful, but Gordon isn't buying it. The only good vampire is a dead vampire. And he explains that he proved that fact when he hunted down his sister, and killed her after she was turned by the vampire that attacked her.

Shades of grey

To prove that all vampires are bad, Gordon grabs Sam. Dean draws his gun, and trains it on Gordon. But Gordon only slices Sam's arm and squeezes the blood onto Lenore's face. Immediately, her fangs extend and she transforms into a bloodthirsty monster. Sam and Dean are stunned. Gordon is right. But then, with an effort of will, Lenore forces the fangs back. "No!" she says.

Dean is convinced. He tells Sam to get Lenore out of the house. Dean keeps his gun on Gordon. Gordon picks up his knife. Dean says, "If you want those vampires, you have to get through me."

Gordon stabs his knife into the table. "Fine," he says. Dean takes the clip out of his pistol, and as he's putting it in the holster, Gordon punches him. But the surprise attack doesn't work, and Dean punches Gordon, spinning him around.

Gordon pulls the knife from the table. "Aww," Dean says. They fight, but Dean wins, and just to get even a little, Dean rams Gordon's head into the wall as he's walking him back to the chair he had Lenore tied to.

Dean ties him up, and waits for Sam to come back. Sam reports that the vampires are gone, all of them. Dean taunts Gordon, telling him they'll call someone in two or three days to untie him.

Gordon is seething. But Dean isn't happy either. He punches Gordon one last time, knocking the chair over. They leave, but it's clear. They now have a human enemy.

Outside, Dean wants Sam to punch him. "No. I'll take a raincheck," Sam says.

"I wish we never took this job," Dean says. "It's jacked everything up.'

"What do you mean?" Sam asks.

"Think about all the hunts we went on, Sam. Our whole lives."


"What if we killed things that didn't deserve killing. You know? I mean, the way Dad raised us..."

"Dean, after what happened to Mom, Dad did the best he could."

"I know he did. But the man wasn't perfect. And the way he raised us to hate those things, and I hate 'em, I do. When I killed that vampire at the mill, I didn't think about it. Hell, I even enjoyed it."

"But you didn't kill Lenore."

"No, but every instinct told me to. I was gonna kill her, I was gonna kill 'em all."

"Yeah, Dean, but you didn't. And that's what matters."

"Yeah," Dean says. "Because you're a pain in my ass."

"Guess I might have to stick around to be a pain the ass then."


"Don't mention it."

That's some good writing there, and I'll tell you why in my critique next week. Plus, I hope to have some screen caps.

Posted by Miller on October 13, 2006 6:34 AM
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at the end of bloodlust wen dean giv the luk (SEXY AS F***) does any know the song, iv luked for ages but im getting nower, id be grateful if any1 cud tell me

-- Posted by: lil mizz ackles at October 26, 2006 8:07 PM

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