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Supernatural: Salvation


Another great episode leading us toward a excellent finish!


This is a whirlwind of an episode. The Winchesters are separated once again when John discovers a pattern that tells him when the demon will strike yet another family. While they are staking out the house, John gets a call. It's our old friend Meg, who tells John she will kill everyone he knows if he doesn't give her the Colt. And she gives him convincing evidence by killing an old acquaintance, another hunter, while she's on the phone.

Reach out and touch someone, indeed.

So John agrees to meet her, but he's not stupid, he's not bringing the real gun. See, the demons don't know what it looks like.

Meanwhile, the brothers are left to rescue the family. Which they do, but they are unsuccessful in killing the demon. There were only 5 bullets left when John found the Colt. He used one on the vampires, Sam uses one attempting to kill the demon.

Three left.

Then the brothers also get a call. Meg has their dad, and this time, no tricks.


Not much here. Written by Raelle Tucker and Sera Gamble, directed by Robert Singer, who has also directed epidodes of guess what? Yes, Lois and Clark and Smallville.

The Winchester name in the series is pretty obviously inspired by Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester (of rifle fame) fortune. I find it interesting that Kripke and his writing team chose to introduce the Colt family history into long term storyline. While not linked to the occult like Sarah Winchester, Samuel Colt lived an interesting life. You can read about the murder, suicide and scandal in which his brother John was involved at The Connecticut Heritage Gateway site. Hmm, interesting. Sam Colt. John Colt. Where the heck did they get "Dean"?

Posted by Miller on September 26, 2006 2:05 PM
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