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Supernatural: Provenance


Average episode. Tries to create a love interest for Sam, and puts her in danger. No unusual monster, twist on killing the monster.


Another filler episde. This one tries to get the audience involved by creating a love interest for Sam. The problem is, it's nearly impossible to create a love interest in one hour long show. This is why when a love interest is introduced in a show, there are usually hints of a backstory, or a revealed backstory, if the love angle affects the current story in any way. Otherwise, in one hour the characters have to meet, make a connection, get to know each other, then fall in love. All this time, the other action in the show has to take place. It usually doesn't work.

And it doesn't work this time, either.

I get the feeling that the entire reason Sarah was introduced as a love interest in this episode was to create some drama for the fight scenes. We know - repeat after me again - Sam and Dean ... won't ... be ... killed. Immediately, anyway (I'll get to that Wednesday night when I make predictions for the current season). So someone else has to be put in danger. It makes the scene more powerful if the protagonists have a connection to the person in danger.

I just didn't buy it in this episode.

Another problem with this episode: when is a twist not a twist? When it happens so much that you expect it.

I guess it would be too easy for the brothers to just go around lighting up corpses like they're tiki torches at a lawn party, but the series needs something different than the brothers making mistakes identifying the entity they are trying to kill. I hope to see some different twists this year.


Writer was David Ehrman, another Falcon Crest alum. Looks like he cut his horror teeth on Freddy's Nightmares.

Directed by Phllip Sgriccia, another Smallville and Lois and Clark alum. Also worked on Night Visions, a horror anthology series. This episode definitely had that anthology feel.

Sgriccia is credited by IMDB for having directed episode 2, Everybody Loves a Clown of the upcoming season of Supernatural.

Posted by Miller on September 20, 2006 9:19 AM
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