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Supernatural Pilot: Quick Recap

Quick refresher on the Pilot. It has been a year. If you aren't caught up on the series, you will be spoiled!

To review......
It all began in flashback, with Sam and Dean as kids. The idyllic setting of a routine bedtime quickly morphed into a dark spectre hanging over Sam's cradle, then into their mother's shocking and mysterious murder - most definitely supernaturally originated - and finally into a frenzied escape from their suddenly blazing home.

Dad, John WInchester, and Sam and Dean all escaped, but are changed forever.

Segue into Sam at college. He's graduating, and preparing for a law school entrance interview when brother Dean shows up. Dad has gone on a "hunting trip," and uncharacteristically, hasn't contacted anyone in 3 days. Dean wants Sam to drop everything and track Dad down.

Which he does, with tragic consequences.

Along the way, the brothers encounter a "lady in white" and their father's weird and unsettling notebook.

When they return, without locating their father, but with a few clues, Sam finds his fiance murdered in the same bizarre manner as his mother. This steels his resolve to join Dean in finding his father, and subsequently tracking down whatever supernatural entity has targeted the family.

It got me right here.....
What grabbed me right off in the Pilot was how they got right down to business. There was no setup, no characterization, just 1 minute or so for setting up the suspenseful scenes, then right to the action. And this was no cliched blood and guts murder, it surprised and shocked me. Very original and creepy.

That was enough to keep me watching, but then the series grabbed me once again. Instead of going for the typical fare of ghosts, demons, vampires, etc., they took on an unusual subject: an urban legend known as "the lady in white".

I first heard of the "lady in white" while scouring the web for ghost stories one Halloween. The version I read took place at Chicago's Resurrection Cemetery and the ghost is sometimes known as "Resurrection Mary." Apparently, much like The Bunnyman, other towns have their own "Lady in White," also known as "the vanishing hitchhiker."

Urban legends go a bit beyond the old vampire, ghosts and devils of ancient superstition. They seem to be more relevant to a hipper and more modern audience. I think it's a great choice to dig through the local and sometimes not-so-local supernatural legends for this series. It certainly makes it a bit different.

Some trivia I dredged up on the Pilot:
• There was an 80s horror movie about the "Lady in White," called, surprisingly, "Lady in White."
• The Pilot was directed by one of the directors of "Band of Brothers", David Nutter.

Posted by Miller on September 5, 2006 9:40 PM
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