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Supernatural: Phantom Traveler


Much better episode. This episode gets back to the urban ghost stories and legends theme, plus the situation is a bit trickier that normal.

Recap and critique of Episode 4, Phantom Traveler

Sam and Dean are called in by a family friend. He works for an airline which has just had a crash. The friend has reason to believe there is an occult cause to the crash, based on the cockpit voice recorder. The brothers begin interviewing the seven survivors. One of them reports that the passenger in front of him wrenched open the emergency door, causing the plane to crash. Sulphur traces on the wreckage lead the brothers to realize they are dealing with a demon, which is targeting the survivors of the original crash.

The brothers figure out that only one survivor will be flying any time soon, and concentrate their efforts on protecting her. They follow her to her flight, and then are faced with a couple of problems: can they convince her to help them, and how do they exorcise a demon on board a plane?
This time, there are personal stakes. You know the brothers will survive, but can they save the plane load of people?

Of course they can! But not before the demon mentions Sam's girfriend's gruesome death. How does the demon know? Is there more at stake here than the brothers know?


This episode was written by Richard Hatem, who also wrote The Mothman Prophecies. Unfortunately, no homage to that movie that I could see. Although the movie and book (bridge collapse) and this episode (plane crash) all involved disasters.

The episode also gives a brief mention to the movie Poltergeist.

While the episode was titled "Phantom Traveler," the paranormal being in the episode isn't really a phantom traveler, it's a demon. Here and here are some sites with info on alleged phantom travelers. Typically, phantom travelers do not harm the people they appear to, instead they simply make an appearance, then inexplicably disappear. Resurrection Mary, which the first episode was somewhat loosely based on, is considered a phantom traveler.

Posted by Miller on September 10, 2006 8:34 PM
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