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Supernatural: In My Time of Dying

This was a great episode. Questions answered, questions posed, and the pieces set in place for a great season. From the looks of this episode and the previews of the next, this season's going to be darker than last season, and even more intense.

Recap of the high points

Sam awakens from the crash to find the demon possessing the trucker, and standing over him. Fortunately, he has the Colt, which he threatens to use.

"You won't, you're saving that bullet for someone else," the demon says.

Is this a different demon? Sam calls the demon's bluff, though, and the demon exits before Sam is forced to shoot it, using the final bewitched bullet.

Dean is dying

John and Sam survive the crash with few injuries. Dean, however, is not so lucky. He's on the verge of death, and is himself a spirit temporarily, while his fate is sorted out.

Sam is determined to save Dean

Sam talks to John. John seems fatalistic about Dean's chances, and wants to know where the Colt is, which sets Sam off. John explains that they need the Colt for protection in case the demon comes after them, and he gives Sam a list of items for protection against the demon.

Before Sam leaves, he has one final question for John. "The demon said he had plans for me and children like me. You know what that's about?"

"No, I don't," John says. Dean's spirit, lurking in the background, has a better feel for John's reaction than Sam.

"Well, you sure know something," Dean says.

Sam won't write off the Impala

Sam and Bobby meet to tow the Impala. Sam won't give up on the car. To him, giving up on the car is giving up on Dean. He hands Bobby the list of items that John gave him.

"What's John want with this?" Bobby asks.

"For protection against the demon," Sam replies.

Bobby shakes his head in confusion.

"What?" Sam asks.

"Nothing, it's just... uh..."

"Bobby, what's going on?"

Dean sees something

Dean's spirit is upset that John isn't trying to help him. John hasn't called anyone for help.

While ranting at John, Dean sees something that he thinks is a spirit. He's follows it, but hears someone calling for help. He's frustrated that he's unable to communicate with anyone, and he's unable to help.

Sam confronts John

Bobby told Sam about the list of items John gave him. John isn't trying to protect them from the demon, he's trying to summon the demon.

John insists he has a plan. Sam accuses him of being selfish, caring only about John's need for revenge instead of his dying son.

John fires back that Sam begged to be part of this hunt, for his own revenge. He tosses out the kicker - if Sam had shot the demon when he had a chance, this wouldn't have happened.

Sam defends himself, saying that the demon was possessing John, and he didn't shoot so he could spare John's life.

In the midst of this, Dean's spirit is getting upset at the fighting, and he angrily swipes a glass from the table.

Everyone in the room, Dean's spirit included, pauses in amazement.

"Dude, I full on Swayzeed that mother," he says. (Great line!)

Dean is attacked

Dean's spirit begins feeling weak. Sam and John hear a code call, and Sam runs to check it out, since John is still bedridden.

It's Dean. Or rather, his body. Dean runs to his room to see a spirit attacking him. He grabs it and pulls it away, temporarily saving his life.

So some spirit in the hospital is killing. The hunt is on.

Dean believes that if he can grab the spirit, he can kill it. But how can hunt the spirit if he can't use any of his hunting tools? And even more importantly, how can he protect himself?

Dean is a chick magnet even as a spirit

Dean hears someone calling for help in the hallway. He finds a cute brunette named Tessa, who can't seem to get anyone's attention. Dean gives her the bad news. "I don't understand," she says. "I just came in for an appendectomy."

"I hate to bear bad news," Dean says. "But I think there were some complications."

John makes a promise

Sam thinks he felt something, like Dean was present, and tells John. He's going to try to communicate with Dean's spirit. Before he goes, John says, "Wait, Sam. I promise, I won't hunt this demon. Not until we know Dean's okay."

"It's just ... fate."

Tessa and Dean converse. Tessa says that if she dies, she dies. "It's just ... fate."

Dean nods. "No, that's crap." Dean believes you fight until the end.

The conversation is interrupted by a Code Blue ("Dr. Kripke, Code Blue." can be heard in the background. In case you don't know, Eric Kripke is the series creator.)

Dean arrives to see a horde of medical staff working feverishly on a young girl. A spirit hovers over her. Dean tries to intervene, but the spirit dissipates, and the girl dies.

Sam gets chatty

Sam tries to communicate with Dean using a ouija board.

"God, I feel like I'm at a slumber party," Dean says.

But it works, and Dean lets Sam know that he's hunting. He's figured out the type of spirit. It's a reaper (last seen in "Faith" from Season 1).

The brothers both know what this means. "If it's here naturally, there's no way to stop it," Sam says.

Dean agrees. "I'm screwed."

Sam thinks John will have an idea of how to handle this, so he heads for John's room. But John is gone.

A summoning

John is in the basement, summoning the demon.

Sam goes through John's notebook, looking for info on reapers, while Dean watches over Sam's shoulder.

Dean reads something and runs from the room.

Don't fear the reaper

Dean finds Tessa, and accuses her of being a reaper. Reapers can alter how they appear to the people they are sent to retrieve.

"I was wondering when you were going to figure it out," she says. "It's your time, Dean."

A bargain

The summoning spell is complete. John waits, but a hospital staffer interrupts him. He tries to hustle John from the basement, but John doesn't move.

"How stupid do you think I am?"

The demon has possessed the staffer. They have a little smalltalk, then cut to the chase. John wants to bargain with the demon.

No way out

Sam tells Dean's body that he can't find anything to help in John's notebook. He begs Dean to hold on.

"We just started being brothers again."

But Dean isn't there. He's got a negotiation of his own, with Tessa. She refuses to let him live. He refuses to go. She says she can't make him go.

"But you're not getting back in your body, and that's just facts."

Tessa tells Dean he does have a choice. He can stay if he wants, but he'll remain a spirit. And after years of being isolated, he'll grow angrier, until finally he becomes an angry, violent spirit.

"Dean, how do you think angry spirits are born?"

Dean's fate is to die, or to become the thing he hates.


John's busy hammering out a deal. He's offering the Colt and the bullet in exchange for Dean's life. The demon balks at first. Dean killed his children. But he thinks Dean is not much of a threat.

"And neither is your other son, of course. You know the truth, right? About Sammy? The other children?"

John grits his teeth. "Yeah," he says. "I've known for a while."

"But Sam doesn't," the demon says.

John doesn't answer.

"So we have a deal?"

"No, John, not yet. You still need to sweeten the pot."

"With what?"

"With something I want as much as that gun. Maybe more."

Dean is weighing his options, but he wonders, if he goes, he goes ... where?

"Sorry, I can't give away the big punch line," Tessa says. But it's time to make a decision, and there's no turning back.

The lights flicker, and black smoke rolls from a vent and enters into Tessa. Her eyes go yellow, and she says, "Today's your lucky day, kid." and clutches his forehead.

Back in his room, Dean takes a gasping breath. He's alive. And after an exam, it's confirmed, he's fully healed. Dean remembers nothing, but he has a bad feeling. Something's wrong.


John visits Dean. Sam accuses him of hunting the demon, but he denies it. John tells Sam he doesn't want to fight any more. "Sam, I've made some mistakes. But I've done the best I could. I just don't want to fight any more, okay?"

Sam asks, "Dad, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I"m just a little tired."

John sends Sam off for coffee. While he's gone, John apologizes to Dean for putting too much responsibility on him when he was growing up, robbing him of his childhood. He says he's proud of Dean.

It sounds suspiciously like a farewell. "Why are you saying this?" Dean asks.

John tells him to take care of Sam, and Dean agrees. "You're scaring me."

John smiles. "Don't be scared, Dean."

He leans over, whispers into Dean's ear for a moment. Whatever he tells him, it leaves Dean shocked. John smiles at Dean, nods, gazes at him for a second, and leaves. Dean watches him go, speechless.

John walks into an empty room, puts the Colt on a table, and says, "Okay."

Sam is walking by, and sees John sprawled on the floor. He calls for help, but the medical staff is unable to revive him.

Time of death: 10:41 a.m.

Posted by Miller on September 29, 2006 6:34 AM
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