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Supernatural: Hook Man


As much as this episode tried to remind me of Candyman, I still liked it. There were a couple of decently scary, though cliched scenes.


The brothers are called to Iowa to investigate strange murders that are taking place on a college campus. The episode starts with the classic "Hook-Man" scenario: couple making out, scratching noises, boyfiend investigates, doesn't come back, etc. If you filmed the story the way kids everywhere told it, this is what it would look like. While I like the use of urban legends, I prefer a bit of a twist to them, something to spice them up. This didn't have it, but it was still a well-done, relatively tense scene.

Later, the brothers find out that the spirit in this case is a dead pastor who used to kill prostitutes with his silver hook. They head out ghosthunting. While they are out, another murder happens, this one based on the "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights" urban legend. Again, nothing particularly imaginative, but well-done and creepy.

The brothers figure out that the killings may be connected to a local minister who has a daughter at the college. Sam keeps watch over the daughter, and Dean searches for the corpse of the ex-minister. Dean finds it and burns it, while Sam gets a little make-out action with Laurie, the minister's daughter. Hook-man puts in an appearance on the minister, and Sam shoots it with rock salt, forcing it to disappear.

Dean shows up and tells Sam he burned the body, but there was no hook. The brothers do a bit of research, and deduce that the hook may have been melted down and used for objects in the church. They return to the church determined to purify all silver objects in the church.

While throwing every silver object they can find into the furnace, they hear footsteps and find Laurie praying for forgiveness. Hook-man appears, and begins stalking Sam and Laurie. Things look bleak until Sam notices Laurie's silver cross around her neck. He rips it from her, and Dean melts it down.

Presto, Hook-man gone.


John Shiban wrote this episode.

David Jackson directed. He has a long list of supernatural related TV directing gigs, including Swamp Thing, Strange Luck (very under-rated TV show, IMO), Dark Skies, Invisible Man, The Nightmare Room, Witchblade, The Lone Gunmen, Charmed, and Threshhold. He also directed TV movie "Voice from the Grave". (too many links to do all those, you can find links to them all at the David Jackson IMDB link above).

There is a ton of information on the Hook-man legend. It's no wonder, it's probably the most common urban horror legend, along with the "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights" which was also treated in this episode. Makes me wonder when they'll do the "choking doberman" episode or "the calls are coming from inside the house".

Anyway, here's some takes on Hook-man.
Hook-man from Texas on American

Urban Legends Online


Posted by Miller on September 14, 2006 11:32 PM
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