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Supernatural: Devil's Trap




An incredible episode. The episode brings us further into the underground world of hunters, introducing us to yet another of John's friends, Bobby. A new complication arises: how do you kill a demon without killing the person it possesses? This leads to some troubling new aspects to Dean's behavior, since he ends up shooting a possessed man with the Colt when he tries to kill Sam.

That also means another bullet gone. Only 2 left.

So the brothers rescue Dad, and douse him with holy water to make sure he's not possessed. Then they get him to an isolated cabin, the better to fight the archdemon which they know is coming after them now.

Only, John's not acting right. He actually thanks Dean for wasting one of the precious bullets. That can't be John.

Can it? Another identity dilemma, similar to "Skin".

This time, the demon solves the dilemma by revealing himself. Didn't they douse John with holy water? Yes, but this demon is powerful enough to be immune. It disarms Dean. Without the Colt, they're helpless.

Sam and Dean, stalling for time, try to get the demon to "monologue" (Dean actually uses that term, an allusion to The Incredibles.) about its motives for killing all those families. But the demon says only that they got in the way of its plans for children with psychic powers, children like Sam.

John, struggling against the possession, fights off the demon just long enough for Sam to regain the pistol. John insists that Sam shoot him, in the heart, and end it. Sam is uncertain, but Dean, who has started to come around to the idea of family first, says no. Practical Sam compromises, and shoots John in the leg.

Not good enough. But good enough to make the demon give up the possession. Sam and Dean drive John to the hospital.

Or they would, except for being t-boned by a semi with a possessed driver behind the wheel. And the first season ends with the Winchesters unconscious in their totalled Impala.

All through the season I wondered how the writers would build drama if they couldn't put their characters in real danger.

Well, they showed me here. The future of the series was in doubt at the time the finale was filmed. The creative team took this uncertainty as an opportunity. If the CW network, successor to the WB, former home of the series, didn't pick the series up, the ending was fitting, if quite a downer. They aren't always happy endings though.

If they did pick the series up, they had lots of room to work.

Bravo. Well done, folks.

So that wraps it up. But watching and analysing the show has given me some ideas on how the series might proceed. I'll share those predictions tomorrow, when there will only be one day until the Season Premiere!

Posted by Miller on September 26, 2006 2:46 PM
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