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Supernatural Fodder

Supernatural: Bugs


Worst episode of the year. Hated it, just hated it. I know the show mostly deals in cliches, but the Native American curse ought to have a stake driven through its heart by now.


Brothers go to Oklahoma to deal with some suspicious deaths at a new home development site. They find out it's a curse by a dead Native American. No solving that one. They ride it out. Yep, that's right, they threw in the towel and just tried to survive. While it's nice to know they're not infallible, it also means the action is more passive aggression than anything else.

Anyways, they survive, the bugs go away, housing development gets canceled. Life goes on, and a much better episode shows up the next week. In fact, the next episode starts some serious good television for this series.


Directed by Kim Manners.

Written by Rachel Nave (who has precious little credits to her name) and Bill Coakley, who has even less. This explains a few things.

Posted by Miller on September 16, 2006 12:12 PM
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