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Supernatural: Bloody Mary

Decent episode which includes homage to a couple of newer horror flicks, as well as a solid return to the urban legend roots.

Recap and critique of Episode 4, Phantom Traveler

Sam and Dean follow a lead to Ohio, where they find a strange death that seems to be connected to "Bloody Mary," an apparition that comes after you if you say her name 3 times in front of a mirror in the dark. But as the team astutely observes, "Bloody Mary" has become something of a sleepover game classic. Why does it just happen to be real here?

Thanks to a black light and a spirit with a point to make, the brothers figure it out. Bloody Mary is a murder victim who died with a secret. Now she uses mirrors to travel and kill those who also harbor deadly secrets of their own.

Sam uses himself for bait, and Mary comes out of the mirror after him, where Dean, inspired by the tale of Medusa, uses a mirror to force her vengeance back on herself.

This is the second episode that brings the longer term storyline into play: that Sam was targeted by supernatural forces, leading to his fiance's death. Bloody Mary, like the demon in Phantom Traveler, knows about Jessica, and because of the nature of the spirit, knows that Sam had premonitions of Jessica's death. What do the premonitions mean (we partly find out later in season 1), and why was Sam targeted (will we find out in season 2)?

We end with a sighting of Jessica's spirit (or was it a hallucination?).


The episode clearly pays homage to The Ring with the twitch effects used to make the spirit look more creepy, and the scene with the spirit escaping the mirror. Many people noticed the similar FX and complained about it in forums and emails to the producers. Few seem to have noticed that the episode also payed homage to The Grudge, yet another Japanese horror flick, in which spirits appear suddenly in reflections.

Two of the writers on this episode, Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer, also worked together on an episode of Point Pleasant, an (IMO) under-rated and short-lived horror series on Fox.

The name of the spirit in the episode, Mary Worthington, is the name used at times in the real urban legend of "Bloody Mary." Some great info on the urban legend at and variations on the legend at Urban Legends Online, Castle of Spirits, and

Posted by Miller on September 11, 2006 10:33 PM
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i watched that one bloody mary is real i tried it my self

-- Posted by: will at March 21, 2007 6:03 PM

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