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Studio 60 mini-recaps

Studio 60: What Kind of Day Has It Been

In the series finale, all loose ends are tied up, and the world grows a little dimmer with the loss of an excellent television show.
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Studio 60: K & R, Part III

Tension builds as Jack insists that Simon apologize, and we start to learn how an apology might have saved Matt and Danny's jobs in 2001.
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Studio 60: K & R

We continue to try to save Tom's brother, Jordan's pregnancy is in trouble, and Matt and Harriet have an actual crisis of faith
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Studio 60: The Disaster Show

Most things that can go wrong during a live comedy show do go wrong. At the same time, Simon tries to find a date to take to Hawaii.
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Studio 60: 4AM Miracle

Harriet films a scene of her Brian Jones movie, Danny tries to demonstrate his baby-rearing prowess, and Matt struggles with writers' block.
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Studio 60: The Friday Night Slaughter

While thinking back to the time when Harriet joined the cast of "Studio 60," Matt deals with depression over the ending of their relationship.
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Studio 60: Monday, Part 1

Love is (mostly) in the air. Danny continues pursuing Jordan, and Matt bids on a date with Harriet and Tom asks Lucy for a date.
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