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Studio 60 Fodder

Say "Thank You" to Studio 60 in the Hollywood Reporter

A group of die-hard fans of quite possibly the best series of the 2006-2007 season, and certainly the best one that won't be back in 2007-2008 are collecting funds to put an ad in The Hollywood Reporter to thank the talent behind this excellent show. Ads of this type are not exactly cheap, and you can show your support and love for Studio 60 by contributing to the advertisement. The ad will also support the Tipitinas Foundation, who many will remember as the foundation that helps with the reconstruction of music culture of New Orleans (as first introduced to us in "The Christmas Show." )

I'll let the leader of the United States portion of the effort, Diana Botsford, say it; she says it better than I could anyway:

So art got its ass kicked. Help fans say 'Goodbye' to a great show by supporting New Orleans' music culture.

A large group of Studio 60 fans from around the world have united to raise funds for a thank you ad in the June 28th edition of The Hollywood Reporter that will also encourage readers to contribute to the New Orleans music society. More information is available at

The text on the advert will be simple - just a thank you, nothing nasty aimed at NBC (no matter how much we'd like to! - we don't want to come across as honey-crusted nut bars!), and will also feature details of how to donate to Tipitina's Foundation. ("

And as long as I'm letting her give us the details herself, I'm also including the text of the press release:

Fans say “Goodbye” to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

A full page “Thank You” advertisement, paid for by fans of the show will run in the Hollywood Reporter on June 28th, and will also encourage donations to Tipitina’s Foundation.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a cutting edge, satirical commentary on contemporary television entertainment, and its often damaging impact on popular culture. Funny, imaginative and well written, it was a standout in a medium short on quality product.

While the show developed a worldwide audience, achieved respectable ratings, and was one of this year’s most DVR’d and downloaded network shows, it was officially cancelled by NBC in May.

Fans of Studio 60, frustrated by the network’s unwillingness to renew the show, have been looking for a way to express their thanks for the innovative work of its cast and crew.

A group of the show’s loyal viewers from the website LiveJournal have organized an Internet campaign to raise funds to buy a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter.

Please visit for more information.

The final episode of Studio 60 will air on Thursday June 28th in the US, and the “Thank You” ad will appear on the same day. It will thank the show’s creative team for “providing us with an intelligent, inspiring and compelling drama.”

All I want for Christmas is my city back.
Along with the message from fans, the advertisement will also include information on Tipitina’s Foundation, the New Orleans based charity which was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Its mission is to restore the city’s unique jazz community, and preserve its irreplaceable music culture.

In December of 2006, the Studio 60 episode “The Christmas Show” featured the stories of a group of homeless New Orleans musicians, working pick-up jobs in Los Angeles so as to be able to send money home to stricken families and friends. Playing on the darkened and empty Studio 60 stage, against a backdrop of photographs of the devastated city, a small group of jazz musicians from New Orleans performed a blues version of the carol “O Holy Night.”

The performance exemplified the thoughtful, and often unexpected, directions the show would take -- combining humor with drama to provide meaningful insights into modern culture.

The clip is available for viewing online at:

Thanks2studio60 community at LiveJournal

Further information:
US – Diana Botsford - 417-849-1051 –
UK and Europe – Carol Sissons – ++ 44-7831-618998 –

Tipitina’s Foundation

I both urge and encourage you to donate to this ad. It's our last, best chance to tell the incredibly talented people behind this excellent show how much it's meant to us and to thank them for bringing us this terrific program, even if only for an all-too-brief time.

Posted by on June 19, 2007 2:55 AM
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