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Studio 60 Fodder

NBC Upfronts to Announce "Studio 60's" Fate

The important point to get from this post is that NBC will be doing their upfront, when they present their fall schedule to advertisers and critics in an attempt to get both excited about the next season, this Monday, May 14th. This is when we will get the final word as to whether or not Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will be back for a second season. The general opinion is that it won't be, and sadly, I am of the same opinion. However, I am nothing if not a cockeyed optimist, and so I'm still holding out hope until I hear for sure on Monday.

Interestingly, I called them this week to express my undying love for this show and my hope that it will return, and was told by Morgan Steffano (filling in for Lesley Cerwin, who is on maternity leave) that they hadn't made that decision yet. Say what? I'm pretty sure she was having me on. They basically haven't advertised the show since January (if that recently), always an indication that they've given up on the show, and the ratings steadily dropped. But even if not, I can't imagine that less than a week before the upfronts they seriously don't have all their shows in line, with the POSSIBLE exception of any that are still in contract negotiations (which is apparently what was happening with Scrubs this week).

Additionally, the scuttlebutt from Rob Owen at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (almost as good a paper name as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, but I digress) is that the set has been dismantled. This is bad for anyone, but particularly for a show with as detailed a set as this one.

Appropos of nothing, I was watching (another) excellent but cancelled-too-soon series, Arrested Development. The Blue Man Group was performing at a theater that looked SUSPICIOUSLY like the Studio 60 theater. Hmmm...

Fingers crossed until Monday night!

Posted by on May 12, 2007 5:37 PM
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