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Studio 60 Fodder

It's Official: Studio 60 Gets Cancelled

I wanted to say "Studio 60 Not Renewed for Next Season" to make me feel better about things, but sadly, "cancelled" is more precise. Darn it.

At the upfronts Monday, NBC revealed its schedule for the 2007-2008 season, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Stripis officially gone. It will be missed. I did ask to be absolutely, completely, and totally positive, and was reassured by Seattle Post-Intelligencer TV Critic Melanie McFarland that it's "really, most sincerely dead." Deader than a can of Spam.

Instead, they will be bringing us a Bionic Woman remake, a show that sounds like a cross between Quantum Leap and Early Edition, and a show adapted from the same author who brought us Sex and the City. Though because it's on NBC, it won't have the teeth of Sex and the City.

Later in the season we'll be getting a karaoke reality show called The Singing Bee. I realize I'm revealing my snobbery here, but there's already a karaoke reality show out there, and it's called American Idol.

Also cancelled was Crossing Jordan. Law and Order and Medium are both being held until winter, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent is being shoved over to the USA Network.

About the only bright spot here is that Friday Night Lights, which also had less than stellar ratings, did get renewed. It moves to Friday nights. How appropriate.

Of interest is the fact that NBC is not bringing a single comedy to the fall lineup (Though one is being saved for midseason featuring Joel McHale, Seattle Native and host of E!'s Talk Soup). Several shows will have longer-than-usual seasons, including Heroes, The Office, and My Name Is Earl. NBC will also try to have fewer reruns next season. Apparently Heroes lost a ton of viewers during its hiatus. I'll be interested to see what the ratings for Studio 60 will be starting next week.

Not that it matters anymore.

As if it weren't obvious, I'm really disappointed about this decision. I'm not surprised, of course. It's been obvious that it was coming for a while, even if other shows with disappointing ratings (Scrubs, 30 Rock, and Friday Night Lights) will be returning.

I really loved this show. I loved what it did, and what it was trying to do. And I thought it really had potential for the future. I loved the writing and the cast, and the chemistry they all had together.

Plus, now I can never get them to put a poster of the production of Pirates of Penzance I was in last summer up in Matt's office. Drag.

At least we have the remaining episodes to enjoy and relish. Now is the time gather our Studio 60 rosebuds while we may, folks.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Posted by on May 15, 2007 3:12 AM
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