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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Self Made Man'

Made-Man.jpgI was a little disappointed by last night's ep of "T:SCC." But it wasn't the show's fault, it was mine.

The network description, which featured the phrase "Cameron's secret is exposed," led me to believe that the Connors were finally going to find out about Allison Palmdale and Cameron's recent breakdown. Wrong. Instead, we got a rare glimpse into Cameron's world while the Connors are asleep. Sure, I would've love to have seen the Connors discover Cameron's dual identity, but this episode turned out to be a great and engaging character study disguised as a mystery.

I loved meeting the character Eric, played by Will Chandler. I hope we see him again. Chandler was great in the role. Very sincere. I liked seeing Cameron interact with him, especially since she seemed to care about his condition. We'll see how far Cameron can really grow.

The action scene took me by surprise. After Cameron Cold Cases her way to the truth, she deduced that the T-888 would be hiding inside the wall, waiting for 2010 to assassinate the mayor. Still, why was the mayor marked for death? Will he aid the Connors down the line?

After searching for more clues about the three dots, John snuck out -- again -- to hag with Riley, the master manipulator. Watching John interact with "normal" kids was a lot of fun. The fight was telegraphed, but it had to happen. Poor John, he's learning more about himself, but he's falling right into Riley's trap. Maybe Cameron should spend more time hanging out at home with John instead of researching Native American weapons at the library.


- Did you miss Derek, Ellison or the Weaverbot?

- Do you want to see Eric again?

- Just what exactly is Riley and Jesse's plan for John?

Posted by Mike Moody on December 2, 2008 7:01 PM
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