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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point'

Strange-Things-Happen.jpg"T:SCC" delivered a shocking revelation this week -- Sarah Connor digs Duran Duran and Styx! What a palette. There was some other stuff that happened too.

Riley was finally outed. She's not a robot, but a rogue resistance fighter working to lure John away from Cameron. It makes sense that Riley would be in league with Jesse -- they're the two most annoying characters on the show. I know the fans are with me on this one. I just hope we get to see Cameron teach them a lesson -- with her fists and maybe a few bullets -- before the season is over. There's no way these two will succeed. Riley's an unstable mess, and Jesse's pretty sloppy. Also, Funny Derek knows what's going on, and I'm betting he'll choose John's side over Jesse's.

The notion that John Connor has become an untrustworthy recluse in the future is interesting. Can John really be pulling a Howard Hughes while the war is going on and letting Cameron run the show? I doubt it. It's more likely that Jesse has bad information. Or that she's working for SkyNet. Or that she's the most annoying character on the show and needs to be terminated now. (I can't tell you how many times I yelled "Kill her Derek!" at my TV while my wife sat in horror.)

Where exactly will Sarah's bizarre obsession with the three dots lead? Maybe down a dead-end like in this ep. She was swindled by a computer startup tycoon who doesn't believe in his son. This was a little weak, especially since Yakuzas were mentioned in this plotilne, but Yakuzas were not delivered. I did like watching Sarah briefly turn into "T2" Sarah for a while. The reference to her time spent in the mental hospital was a nice touch, especially since she mentioned it while beating a dude senseless. That's crazy Sarah Connor, the one i remember from my childhood. Let's see more of her. I wouldn't mind seeing John man up a little more too.

Cameron seemed to have a good time poking holes in Ellison's yard and hanging out with the computer wiz. If I were Ellison, I would never sleep again. It's no surprise that he's having nightmares about digging up John Connor's dead body. Not only did he lie to John in the last ep, but he also crossed our favorite killer fembot. (I just don't know what to say James, I just don't know.) Ellison's chat with "John Henry" was one of the best and creepiest scenes of the night. It was, of course topped by the creepiest "T:SCC" scene of all time: John Henry becoming Cromartie (or the other way around, whatever). This was awesome, and completely unexpected. I'm happy to type that we haven't seen the last of Garret Dillahunt. I can't wait to see what he does with this new character. I just hope Fox will let us get that far.


- Who exactly are Riley and Jesse working for? Is it an underground sect of the resistance, or something more sinister?

- Will Derek help Jesse get rid of Cameron?

- How the hell did those perfect three specs of blood end up on Sarah's face?

- Will Ellison finally realize that Weaver is an unholy evil robot?

Posted by Mike Moody on November 25, 2008 8:55 PM
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Is Riley from the future?

I think they are working for Skynet. Derek will help them and realized he made a mistake.

-- Posted by: Yanet at November 25, 2008 11:18 PM

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