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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today'

Mr-Ferguson.jpgIt's never fun to watch a TV character you love die -- unless you're watching "Terminator," of course.

Cromartie's surprising death scene didn't exactly resemble the Terminator deaths from the movies, but it still reminded me of Arnie's exit in "T1" and of Robert Patrick's meltdown in "T2." I loved watching Arnie torment Sarah and Kyle in the original film, but I also loved watching the guy get blown to chrome chum. The same goes for Patrick -- he was amazing, but his death in "T2" was one of the coolest parts of the movie. Cromartie carried on that tradition. He was a cracked, dangerous and captivating Terminator who earned a decent fan following and a great death scene.

Cromartie's death scene worked on a few different levels. First, it seemed to bring our team back together. It took all of 'em -- even Elison -- working together to trap him and take him down. In a season that's been marked by discord between our heroes, it felt rewarding to watch them all get along to accomplish one goal. I know some viewers were probably hoping for a brutal Cameron vs. Cromartie smack down, but it played out perfectly this way. Having John deliver the final shot was a nice visual touch, and it reminded me of the real soldier budding inside of him. Second, this marks a turning point for the Connors and Ellison. Where do they go and what do they do now that Cromartie is off their tail? Judging by Sarah's meltdown (finally!), I'd say the Connors are due for some "r and r," but we all know that won't happen. Next week's ep looks like a puzzler, and judging by Fox's teaser, we might not want to start mourning Cromartie just yet. This was probably "the death" we were promised back during Comic-Con, but Terminators have a habit of coming back from the dead.

The unconventional narrative framing was a nice change of pace. Again, the show runners reminded us that "T:SCC" is not just about action. Believable character development, good stories and innovative storytelling are essential parts of this show. The ep would have worked with a more traditional structure, but this technique delivered little payoffs throughout, and it allowed us to see certain things through every major character's eyes. One of my favorites was "Ellison's Story." In one of the most tense scenes, he was able to rescue John from Cromartie's clutches and steal his car. Then he trapped the TV Terminator in the church for the climactic death blow. I know Sarah was just trying to cover her bases with Ellison, but she could've been a little warmer to the guy. He did save their lives. Still, it's just like Sarah Connor to trust no one, even when they've earned that trust.

So, are we done with Riley? I was glad we weren't subjected to "Riley's Story" last night. I can imagine POV shots of girly magazines and ridiculous diary entries ("John is soooo like a cat, stealthy and quick, but he's also soooo, like, super cuddly and cute. I'm sooo gonna burn him the new Kanye"). I'm sure Riley will be back. Even Cameron's sexy jacket-less charm couldn't convince John to stay away from her. That was an interesting scene. Cameron did seem to catch John's interest with talk about their future relationship. I wonder if that will lead anywhere this season (Read: Robot love).


- Do you want Cromartie back? If so, how should he reappear?

- Was the "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" vibe a little too much? (I liked it).

- Will Sarah's harsh treatment of Ellison help turn him against the Connors?

- Do you want to see some robot lovin'? Come on, be honest.

Posted by Mike Moody on November 11, 2008 3:01 PM
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Gosh I'm gonna miss Cromartie... He's been the only terminator to rival cameron's charms. You gotta admit the boy 'bot was crazy cool...yes, no? And although I do like the thought of Cameron and John taking their friendship to the next level...I'm not sure if John is up to snuff...he's a bit on the whiny side. Also, there's not way Ellison is gonna get he's feelings hurt just cuz Sarah dismissed. The man's got too much style for that...It's not like he's John

-- Posted by: It's raining figure 8's at November 11, 2008 11:47 PM

I agree with you, it was a really cool death scene for Cro-Martie... but yeah, I want him back. It seems kind of impossible since Sarah's destroyed the chip and all, but hey, it's a Terminator. He'll find a way.

And as for some robot lovin... yeah, as creepy as it sounds (esp since they're meant to be brother and sister), I do want to see those two go at it. I mean, it's Summer Glau. And I wish Riley would just die. She's insufferable. But I agree with it's raining figure 8's, John is kinda a little too whiny for her.

-- Posted by: binky at November 13, 2008 4:48 PM

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