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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles - 'Mousetrap'

Mousetrap.jpgTerminators can't swim, but they sure can scheme. I get that Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) is supposed to be SkyNet's newest and slickest cyborg, but I'd bet against her if she ever got into a dogfight with Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt). The dude's pursued the Connors through time, reassembled himself from scrap, grown new skin, fooled the FBI and wiped out an entire SWAT team without breaking a sweat. In this episode, he proved again just how resourceful and dangerous he can be by setting up an elaborate trap for our heroes. It almost worked too. All he forgot was a pair of floaties.

Was I the only one glad to see Cormartie walk out of the ocean after John escaped? I love watching this guy pursue the Connors. He's smart, relentless and effortlessly creepy. When the character first appeared on the series last season I wrote him off as a one-note Arnie clone. Things have changed ever since Dillahunt took over the role. And how about those great "Beastmaster"-esque TV movie scenes. So funny. I hope Cromartie sticks around for a while, even if he does kill the good guys.

So Charlie's Linda Hamilton-looking wife (Sonya Walger) is dead. It was sad, but it had to happen. Now Charlie can take his place in the fight against the future without any distractions. Judging by the funeral scene, it looks like he's ready to go to a very dark place. So far, he's been a strong, solid, even-tempered helper, but I get the feeling that's all about to change. Anyone else looking forward to a bloody Charlie vs. Derek street fight? It's gonna happen. I'm bettin' on Charlie.

It's obvious that Sarah still has strong feelings for Charlie. I wonder how this will play out down the line, especially with Derek in the way. The scene is set for a lot of conflict between these three. Maybe keeping all of those guns in the house isn't such a good idea.

John was mostly kept out the action again in this ep. While Sarah and Derek took off to fight Cromartie, John and Cameron went to the mall to buy the biggest computers I've ever seen. Acting nothing like the future savior of all mankind, John ditched Cameron to hang with Riley, whose idea of a good time is reading magazine covers and trying to sound like she's scripted by Diablo Cody. Seriously "Sarah Connor" staff, either do something interesting with this character or let Cromartie kill her already. Or better yet, let Cameron kill her. Cameron is itching to kill something. She almost offed that bird that was stuck in the Connor's chimney.

I love Cameron's unexplained quirkiness. She seems more interested in the word at large than protecting John these days. This is surely a sign that she's evolving, and I hope it continues. Watching her bizarre reactions to everyday life is a lot more entertaining than watching Weaver do whatever it is she's trying to do.

I don't know what to make about Weaver making nice with Ellison. She sold him a bogus story about finding a robot arm and trying to duplicate the technology. I'm sure he's smart enough to smell a rat, but it looks like he'll be working with her anyway. Anyone else not digging on the Weaverbot plotline? Still, there's a lot to look forward to this season on "Sarah Connor." Let's hope Fox delivers on the promise of a full season, even if the ratings continue to slip.

Posted by Mike Moody on September 23, 2008 12:52 PM
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I have bronchitis, but this blog is so important to me that I will comment anyway when I should just be in bed asleep.

Cameron is evolving. I hope it continues.

-- Posted by: Leslie C at September 23, 2008 2:18 PM

I am not digging the Weaver storyline. It would probably have been better if they had waited toward the end of the season to reveal that she is a T-1ooo. There really isn't much mystery to her.

-- Posted by: Jaime E. Galvan at September 23, 2008 3:32 PM

Love this series and episodes one and two of season two were great- but Mousetrap was network time filler. I like Charlie as a character but do I care about his wife getting kidnapped for an entire episode? And Crowmartie's kidnapping plan was ridiculously complex. A Terminator wouldn't blow up a cell phone tower so you can't make a phone call. He'd just shoot you in the face so you can't make a phone call.

-- Posted by: Noah Kadner at September 24, 2008 8:34 PM

I thought the fact that terminators can't swim was very lame. I mean really, the terminators are these perfect killing machines and yet they can't SWIM? Doesn't seem likely -- to me, it was a convenient plot device to facilitate John's escape from Cromartie's evil clutches.

I'm also excited to see what happens in the Charley/Derek/Sarah triangle. I'm not sure this is the kind of show for love triangles, but maybe that's where they plan to go. I, for one, am very excited about this potential development, and I think I'll go ahead and put my money on Derek. Just because I want him to win. ;-D

If you're interested in my full review of the episode, check out my blog:

-- Posted by: Adela P. at September 26, 2008 9:12 AM

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