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Rome Fodder

Bits and Pieces of Rome

Report your Rome alumni sightings here:

Some of Mine -

Kevin "Lucius Vorenus" McKidd - in a new NBC Series, "Journeymen", airing on Mondays.

Ray "Titus Pullo" Stevenson as a barely recognizable philandering business man saved from a serial killing man hater on an episode of "MI-5" (BBC-America).

Ciarin "Julius Caesar" Hinds in a promo for an upcoming new BBC series, the name of which I didn't catch on BBC-America.

Update 9/28/2007

Polly (Atia of the Julii ) Walker playing Ellis Samuels, a member of the evil Samuels family, rivals of the Duque good-guys, and seducer of Lost's Nestor Carbonell (Frank Duque) on new CBS series "Cane". Motto: "Sugar is the New Oil" (I don't think so.)

Update 2/12/2008

Indira (Niobe) Varma playing Therese Wanz, french woman saloon owner in the nascent Lonesome Dove settlement in pre-statehood Texas in the multi-part TV dramatization of Larry McMurtry's "Comanche Moon".

Update 8/26/2008

Indira (Niobe) Varma playing a seemingly Benazir Bhutto-like foreigh leader who's in danger of assassination on "Assassination", an episode of Law and Order, Criminal Intent.

Update 9/7/2008

Indira (Niobe) Varma playing a Brit on an episode (didn't catch the title) of CSI set in London - seems the American experts were on loan to Scotland Yard

Update 9/25/2009

Kevin "Lucius Vorenus" McKidd - in the movie, "The Last Legion",(2007) Kevin is not a legionairre, however.

Update 9/30/2009

Ciarin "Julius Caesar" Hinds as Francis McDormand's love interest and a "gentleman selling lingerie" in the movie "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day."

Posted by Cecil on July 11, 2007 5:44 PM
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