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Rome Fodder

Rome: The Characters

Here's a set of character notes I've made to keep myself straight Hope this may do the same for you. Updated frequently. Each character followed by associated character - therefore some overlap.

Rome characters

Lucius Vorenus Played By Kevin McKidd
centurian of the XXIIIth
Later Senator
Later Aventine gang-leader

Niobe - Wife
Vorena - Younger daughter
Vorena - Elder daughter
Lucius - Thought to be grandson,
actually son of Niobe
Mark Antony - Commander
Lyde - Sister of Niobe
Evander - Husband of Lyde,
secret lover of Niobe
Clarissa- Nosy neighbor

Titus Pullo Played By Ray Stevenson
Legionary of the XXIIIth
Friend of Vorenus
Martial arts instructor to Octavian

Eirene - Slave/Wife Played By Chiara Mastalli

Julius Caesar played By Ciarán Hinds

Calpurnia - Wife
Atia - Niece
Julia - Daughter (married to Pompey –
dies in childbirth)
Pompey - Co-Consul
Servilia - Lover
Posca - played by Nicholas Woodeson
Chief slave and personal servant,
confidant and

Pompey Magnus Played By Kenneth Cranham
In-city consul of Rome
Formerly greatest general of Rome

Cornelia - Wife
Durio - Aide
Julia - Deceased wife
Quintus - Bastard son

Atia of the Julii Played By Polly Walker

Julius Caesar - Uncle
Octavia - Daughter
Octavian - Son
Mark Antony - Lover
Timon - Lover
Castor - Chief Slave
merula - chief female slave

Timon Played By Lee Boardman

Jewish Horse Trader
Sometimes lover of Atia
Brother Levi

Mark Antony Played By James Purefoy
second in command to Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar - Commander
Atia - Lover

Marcus Junius Brutus Played By Tobias Menzies
Senator, patrician,
leader of plot to kill Julius Caesar

Servilia - Mother

Gaius Cassius Longinus
Another primary plotter,
friend of Brutus
He of the lean and hungry look,
according to Shakespeare.

Servilia of the Junii Played By Lindsay Duncan

Julius Caesar - Lover
Marcus Junius Brutus - Son
Eleni - Chief female servant
Duro - Hired assassin,
infiltrates Atia's house

Niobe Played By Indira Varma
wife of Vorenus

Lucius Vorenus - Husband
Vorena - Elder daughter
Vorena - Younger daughter
Clarissa - Friend, neighbor, busybody
Evander - Brother-in-law/lover
Lyde - Sister
Lucius - Bastard son

Gaius Octavian Played By Max Pirkis
Julius Caesar's heir and designated son
Later played by Simon Woods

Julius Caesar - Great Uncle
Atia - Mother
Octavia - Sister
Agrippa - Friend and general
Maecenas - Friend and confidant

Octavia of the Julii Played By Kerry Condon

Glabius - Husband, murdered by Timon at Atia's behest
Julius Caesar - Great Uncle
Atia - Mother
Octavian - Brother

Quintus Pompey Played By Rick Warden
Captured by Vorenus and Pullo
Torturer and plotter wih Brutus & Cassius
Taken into Servilia's household
Killed by Antony after reconciliation

Pompey Magnus - Father

Porcius Cato Played By Karl Johnson
Eminence grise' of the senate

Marcus Tullius Cicero Played By David Bamber
Orator, senator, schemer

Tyro His chief slave

Cleopatra Played By Lyndsey Marshal

Queen of Egypt
Lover of Caesar, and later Mark Antony

Caesarion Her son with Caesar (or perhaps Pullo)
Charmian Her chief counsel, speaks in third person

Erastes Fulmen Evil Businessman, killed by Vorenus
played by ???

Mascius Played By Michael Nardone
ex-soldier of the XIIIth, hired by Vorenus

Gaia Bordello supervisor
Played By Zuleikha Robinson

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa - played by Allen leech
Octavian's friend
Macedonian Legionary Officer

Maecenas Hanger on of Octavian

Memmio Aventine captain, rival to vorenus
Omnipor - one of his lieutenants, seducer of Vorena

Posted by Cecil on February 13, 2007 9:07 PM
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