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01/11/07 - Rome Officially Falls

The gracious Rachel Cericola, TV Fodder editor, sends me a copy of an HBO press release from Dec 11 that makes it official, "Rome" falls in 10 more episodes.

For Immediate Release Dec. 11, 2006


Rome, 44 BC: Caesar is dead, brought down by assassins’ knives in the Roman forum. Lucius Vorenus stands on the brink of madness after the death of his wife. And a brutal power struggle for control of the empire is just beginning.

HBO’s Emmy®-winning epic drama series ROME kicks off its ten-episode second season SUNDAY, JAN. 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO, followed by other episodes on subsequent Sundays at the same time...

01/09/07 - How to see Episode 1 - Passover, early

If you really, really, really can't wait for Sunday's airing of Season 2 - Episode 1, 'Passover', hike down to your nearest video outlet and purchase the Season 1 video - HBO is offering a bonus promotional copy of 'Passover' with the purchase of the S-1 video. HBO does the same on their website, link at right, but you probably can't get it before the ep. 1 air date. Fair warning: The entire episode has a video overlay of the HBO logo across the screen, and "Property of HBO" occasionally pops up at the bottom. For the fanatics among us, a small sacrifice to see the continuation of our story.

01/08/07 - Second Season = Last Season?

Numerous net sites are reporting that the second season of "Rome", which begins airing Sunday, Jan 14th 2007, will be the last season to be made.

Various reasons have been proposed, especially the high cost of filming on location in Rome. Lending some credence to this is that the original 09/12/2005 press release announcing the renewal of "Rome" for a second season announced that there would be 12 episodes in the second season as there were in the first. More recent press releases, such as the 01/08/2007 release in conjunction with the new season, say there were be 10 episodes. Budget problems, perhaps?

Sad news, if true. I can find no confirmation on the official HBO-Rome website.

For speculation on the fall of "Rome" see, for instance:

Two and Out for 'Rome'

HBO’s Rome, Second Season

Second season of 'Rome' to be the last

- Cecil

Posted by Cecil on January 9, 2007 11:45 AM
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