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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway: What A Woman Wants

For a change, the models get to have a say on Project Runway! The challenge for this week make the models happy. Give them what they want. They have a special industry event they need to go to, their outfit will help their careers as well as the designers. They only have $100 dollars and one day to get it all done.

All of the models want to stand out, but in a good way. Some of them have ideas that just do not mesh, but then again, they are not the desingers. They are not really good with colors either. Heh heh -- good luck designers.

At least all the designers can sew and design. Some of them have questionable taste -- Qrystil, Nicolas -- but at least they can sew.

Runway show--

Qrystil -- short black dress with a bottom that was angled, sleeveless, but over one shoulder. Meh

Nicholas -- short white satin dress with grey piping around the collar (which goes around the neck). Here's the thing, I don't think it fits her well. The top seems too big and baggy.

Irina -- mid-thigh length print dress with a belted jacket. I like this look. Very chic. Nice.

Gordana -- short simple dress with a lovely braided pattern from the bodice to the bottom. I liked the design, but not the color. The model is washed out.

Shirin -- royal blue slip dress with what looks to be a flowered pattern on on strap. Very form-fitting an quite lovely. I really love the color!

Logan -- Blue/black-laced top with a shiny poofy blue poodle-like skirt. Not my favorite, and now I am beginning to question his taste too.

Christopher -- Emerald green cocktail dress that has a pleated pattern on the top and the bottom. The color is good. I liked it.

Epperson -- warm brown colored slip dress that he made some similar colored stripes on. The back was the best part to me, but still. Meh -- kinda boring and ho-hum.

Johnny -- plum colored slip dress that had a little more material and wasn't so form fitting. It was Ok.

Althea -- Three piece outfit in dark and light grey with short shorts and a tank-like top with a blazer over it. Honestly, from the way she was describing it, I thought it would have been much more interesting.

Louise -- simple black dress with a hugely ruffled collar. it looks really good on the model. This is one of my favorites too.

Ra'mon - short electric blue dress with an insanely huge blue flower-like bow-like thing on the left shoulder. Hm, haven't made up my mind about this one yet. Like the a-symetry, but not sure if I can get passed the poof.

Carol -- Cute plum and black dress with two mis-matched straps with a VERY low back and a tiny train. I really like this one. Sophisticated and chic.

The judges favorites: Carol, Epperson, Althea.

They didn't like: Logan, Johnny, Qrystil.

My winner would have been Carol, my auf Qrystil.

The actual winner: Althea. Auf'd: Qrystil.

Posted by Wendy on September 11, 2009 8:53 AM
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