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Project Runway -- Rumble on the Runway

Are you ready to Rumbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul? No, this isn't WWF, at least I don't think it is. Tim and Heidi meet the designers on the beach. Tim is even in shorts and sandals!! But he still has his blazer, of course. Gotta love Tim! They are introduced to surf culture. They are designing a colorful and fashionable surfware look. They will have a chance to talk with some genuine surfer chicks to learn about their style.

This is also their first team challenge. Yes, the groans were loud. Now, granted designers in general do what they do because they have strong ideas about looks and fashion. This makes it hard to bend your concepts along with others. On the other hand, no person is an island. Even in fashion, you have co-workers and bosses you have to get along with.

Shirin gets to be the first to pick a team mate, as she won the last challenge. Tim picks names out of the velvet bag to choose the other team leaders. You know THAT should be a challenge -- create and outfit to go with the velvet name bag.....hmmmmm. I digress. The other team leaders are Logan, Nicholas, Mitchell, Althea, Qrystil and Johnny. The teams are Shirin/Carol; Logan/Christopher; Nicholas/Gordana; Mitchell/Ra'mon; Althea/Louise; Qrystil/Epperson; Johnny/Irina.

The designers tear through Mood in 30 minutes to get their materials. Nicholas and Gordana work very hard making a macreme, hand dyed knit top. Epperson and Qrystil are fighting right off the bat about, well everything. Mitchell is basically watching Ra'mon work and design and sew and pretty much everything while he is ummm, I don't know what he is doing. In the middle of the game, they change the rules. They now have to create a second look that is avant-garde to go along with the surfware they are making. They do get another $200 and another trip to Mood for the new challenge. The other groups seem to be getting along well and meshing their styles quite well.

So, while Ra'mon is gone to Mood, Mitchell is pretty much attempting to sew things together. Why? I don't know, and I bet he doesn't either.

Carol's model has taken a commercial opportunity, so she needs a new model that can be there for her fitting. This is a competition for them too, so I wonder why she would leave in the middle. Hm.

Meanwhile, Ra'mon is hand dying fabric and working his butt off while Mitchell is wandering around bugging everyone and not working on a thing! I really can't believe it. This is crazy. I am thinking that maybe the comment from last week was right. Mitchell maybe should have gone last week, at least Malvin could sew.

The best pieces that I thought came down were from Johnny/Irina --lovely beach look with long sleeved t-shirt and a nice macrame back and their avant garde was a gorgeous brown colored dress with a very intricate woven design. Ra'mon -- I really liked his flowy beach look and the blue and brown colors went very well together. I didn't really care for his avant-garde look. Hand dyed chartreuse neoprene in an dress -- meh (but what do I know). Shirin/Carol. I think these were my favorites. The bikini with a colorful wrap/cover and the long flowing blue gown were lovely.

I didn't mind Althea/Louise's design, but it didn't thrill me. Same goes for Logan/Christopher, nice but not the best.

My least favorites came from Qrystil/Epperson, Nicholas/Gordana -- their avant garde look is like an 80's lace nightmare dominatrix, no really. The first look wasn't bad though.

At least the judges agreed with my bad choices. They were much more fond of Ra'mon's avant-garde look. So much so, that he won the challenge. The most interesting part of the show was that Mitchell, the other half of the winning team is in the bottom. It didn't surprise me, considering he didn't do ANYTHING, but it was a Project Runway first. Mitchell with his lack of work was auf'd. Maybe he will learn to sew and design and come back some other year......naaahhhh!

Posted by Wendy on September 4, 2009 9:49 PM
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