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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway: Fashion Headliners

Heidi tells the desingers that their work will be black and white. Hmmmm.... does that mean that they will only be in the color black and white? Tim takes them on a field trip to the Los Angeles Times. There are 4 pallettes of newspapers waiting for them....uh oh. Yes, it is true. They have to create a look from newspapers. They have 3 mintues to grab what they can to make a garment.

Tim does tell them that they can use muslin as a support system, but none of it can show. Most of them choose not to use the muslin, but fold, or glue or paint the paper to make it more easily workable.

Johnny has this idea to make a stylized origami birds that will be on the shoulder and appear to hold up the dress. I think that Tim hit the nail on the head when he told Johnny that it looked like the birds attacked the dress. Instead of taking what he had and trying to re-work it, he crumpled it up and threw it away. You know, there was only a few hours left to the day.

I thought that Shirin's dress looked a lot like an air filter, no seriously like an air filter.

Christopher made a dress with an armor like top and a flowy, feathery floor-length bottom. It was quite lovely, actually.

Gordana made a simple cute dress. The judges did not agree with me, and she ended up in the bottom three.

Irina made a trench coat that had a stylized collar and sleeves. She crumpled up paper to make it look like ruffles. I thought it was ugly. U G L Y -- it ain't got no alibi ugly. Again, the judges LOVED it. -- This is the PR I am used to. Completely disagreeing with the judges. Now, I'm back in my comfort zone. Ahhhh....

Althea created a lovely short dress. She cut strips of the newspaper to create a lovely pattern that kind of wrapped around the dress in a very pleasing way. Nice job Althea.

Nicolas made something that he said was punk inspired, but I didn't see it. I agree with the judges that it was more bug inspired than anything else.

Louise, Carol, Ra'mon, Logan, and Epperson all had designs that didn't excite me, but they didn't horrify me either. They all were sent on to the next round.

The winner that I would have chosen -- Christopher. The actual winner of this week. Irina. What? Yeah, OK whatever it looked to me like a robe you would get in a hotel.

This week's Auf -- Johnny. No surprise here! He even concocted this whole scenario on the runway that his original work got ruined by a steamer that spalttered on it and ruined it. First he told the model that it was a steamer, he told the judges that it was an iron. Tim was completely outraged at the lie that Johnny told. Wow.

I wonder what will happen next week........we shall see.

Posted by Wendy on September 20, 2009 4:54 PM
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