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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway -- Welcome to Los Angeles

After a very long hiatus -- (almost as long as Lost) Heidi, Tim and Project Runway are back -- but on a new network. Bravo! has been auf'd, and Lifetime has welcomed them with open arms, so far. Okay, okay here is a very short rundown of the contestants:

Ra'mon Lawrence, 30 -- once wanted to be a brain surgeon; Logan Neitzel, 25 -- thinks he is more of a manly designer; Johnny Sakalis, 29 -- former drug addict; Gordana Gehlhausen, 44 could knit you a sweater from a sheep; Carol Hannah Whitfield 23 -- used to sell dresses in Gordana's shop; Malvin Vien, 23 -- likes androgynous styled clothing; Qristal Frazier, 41 yes, with a Q -- designs for all sizes; Shirin Askari, 23 -- her name means sweet; Nicolas Putvinski, 26 -- the feather prince (his words not mine); Mitchell Hall, 25 -- says he knows what sells; Epperson, 49 -- used to be a window-dresser; Christoper Straub, 29 -- all the way from Minnesota; Ari Fish, 25 -- into transformative clothing; Althea Harper, 23 -- looks very young; Irina Shabayeva, 26 -- really loves her dog; Louise Black, 31 -- very into vintage looks.

Whew! I know there is not much information, but honestly, some of them will be gone waaaaay to quickly to really worry about. Sad, but true.

Heidi and Tim meet the contestants on the roof and share some champagne. The next morning, Tim takes them to the red carpet of the 60th annual Emmy awards. Their first challenge is to create a red carpet look that demonatrates true innovation and their design style. They go to FIDM (no more Parsons) and see their work stations. They have 30 minutes to sketch then 30 minutes at Mood to spend $200 on their fabric and materials. Since this is the first competition, they have been assigned models and provided with their measurements. Let the games begin!

The most exciting things that happened were: Ari spending her sketch time doing handstands (she doesn't sketch); Johhny having a minor breakdown due to a lack of confidence and Mitchell saying that his models measurements were all wrong.

The special guest judge for this episode was Lindsey Lohan. She must be pitching a new clothing line -- yup, she is.

IMHO, Best looks came from:

Althea, Christopher, Ra'mon, Shirin
Passable looks came from:

Gordana, Malvin, Louise, Epperson, Irina, Johnny, Carol, Logan
Unfathomable looks came from:

Mitchell, Ari, Qristal, Nicholas

For the most part, the judges agreed. They auf'd Ari -- and really she did need to go. Thunderdome meets red carpet? Um, no. I am looking forward to seeing more designs next week!

Posted by Wendy on August 22, 2009 9:33 PM
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