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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway -- We Expect Fashion

Ok, so I can't help thinking when I see the title of this episode -- crap! I thought this was Top Chef. Tom, Padma? Sorry.

The guest judge for this episode is Rebecca Romijn! A very pregnant Rebecca Romijn. She is married to Jerry O'Connell, who is just a hottie! She looks absolutely gorgeous and is looking for some fashionable pregnancy wear.

Their challenge is to design a pregnancy look for her. It can be for any type of event, and she wants something to celebrate her pregnant shape. This is a huge curve for most of the designers, they are used to designing for rail-thin models. In order to help them, their dummies (and their models) are decked out with pregnancy bumps.

They have $100 and 30 minutes to shop at Mood for fabric. Some of the designers are really struggling, and others are full steam ahead.

The concepts are running from negligee to comfort to fertility and birds nests. Um, alrighty then. Going along in the process, I am really worried about Malvin his chicken and egg concept is just, well, how can I put it delicately...stupid! Who wants to be pregnant and look like you literally have an egg protruding from your abdomen. Seriously, sometimes boys have no clue.

Off to a good start, I think are Althea, Louise and Shirin. In trouble are Malvin and Mitchell. It would appear that first impressions tell a lot.

Ra'mon also had a good start and a good concept, but in the end, Mitchell and Rebecca hit the nail on the head. It looks like a bowling ball bag. Sad, but true.

The weirdest thing about the challenge is that the models coming down the runway look so bizzare. Most of the bellies are just not in the right place on their bodies. Maybe they can only strap on a certain way, but completely un-natural and funky. Ah well, what can you do.

My favorites: Althea -- beautiful long gown with a patterned bodice, Lousie -- short baby-doll like red dress that is just adorable and Shirin beautiful long dress with a fitted, lined jacket.

My least favorites: Malvin -- chicken and egg 'nuff said; Mitchell -- he just can't make anything well -- it all looks so sloppy and Ra'mon -- I think I would like his if he would have used a solid color or a non-bowling ball bag pattern.

The judges seem to agree with me about the faves and the pans. I am a little worried about it though, because usually we don't have all the same thoughts. Maybe the judges are in a mellow zone....hmm we will see as the show progresses.

The winner they chose: Shirin. I would have had a very hard time deciding between hers and Louise's. The auf -- Malvin. Which I totally agree with. Mitchell had some problems, but at least he didn't have a chicken and egg concept. *shudder*.

Posted by Wendy on August 28, 2009 10:16 PM
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