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Project Runway: Down the Aisle

pr-5finale.jpgAs you may remember, last week the judges couldn't decide who should go home. So, instead, they decided to give all of th designers $8000 to go and create a collection for Bryant Park, but only three of them would acutally compete. The caveat? They had to include a wedding dress that would go with their collection. The wedding dress would be the piece they are getting judged on. They all go home to start their collections.

They have two months to get inspired and create their collections. The collections each need to have 10 pieces. (don't forget the wedding dress). Tim makes his seasonly pilgrimage to visit each of the designers at home and hang out with them and their families.

Korto -- has set up shop in an artist colony. She is using the woods and breathtaking view around her to gather inspiration. The collection we see uses lots of bold colors and beadwork. So far it looks quite nice. The wedding dress, however, needs a bit of work. It is a beige color that just doesn't do it for me.

Jerell -- is working at home. His collection is completely Jerell. Lots of layered looks with toooooooooooooooo much stuff. It looks to me like he is just layering fabric over fabric over fabric because he can. Tim advises him to take a serious editorial eye to the work. his wedding dress has waaaaaay to much fabric IMHO and the bodice is just too busy with beads and poof that come off te chest.

Leanne -- is working at home as well. She spent a few days by the sea (Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you'll love it) sketching and garnering inspiration. Waves have proven to be her theme. She is layering the fabric in wave patterns that look quite attractive. Her wedding dress is full of waves, but in a good way. Tim suggests that she take a critical eye and edit her design. She is the only one that I think took Tim's suggetion to heart. She edited her gown and it really turned out lovely.

Kenley -- also working at home. She seems to be on a rope theme according to Tim, she says it is because she grew up on ships. Well, OK. The wedding dress she comes up with has a VERY poofy tulle bottom with a fitted top made entirely of flowers. It was rather nice and interesting. (It turns out, that according to Michael Kors, a MUCH more fanous designer just put out a look very similar -- poor Kenley).But all in all, it was nice.

They all travel back to New York to take their wedding dresses down the runway for the last competition. But wait, it can't be that simple! There is another challenge waiting for them. They have 1 day to create a bridesmaid dress to go along with their wedding dress. ARGH! Aren't they done yet? So, they all run off to Mood to get fabric so they can start working. Here's my runway impressions of the bridesmaid outfits, as I already gave you my wedding dress impressions:

Jerell -- horrific. He chose a semi-glossy blue fabric that was not made at all well. It puckered and was wrinkled everywhere. He had flowers coming out of the side near the bodice. it just didn't work. He mentioned to Korto that bridesmaid dresses were supposed to be ugly, and he definitely hit the mark.

Korto - Meh. The bridesmaid dress was made from the same color fabric, which is the first big no-no. It was a short pleated halter top dress that was very un-inspiring. Sorry Korto, but this was a miss.

Kenley -- made a very cute short blue dress with a see-through mesh top that was made very well and complimented the wedding dress nicely.

Leanne -- adorable cream and light teal-blue short dress that used the wave pattern across the bodice with a lovely effect. Really nice. I liked it.

Bottom line, someone has to go. This week it was Jerell. He was my pick too. So the three designers that will be competing at Fashion Week are Leanne, Kenley and Korto. I am looking forward to seeing their collections come down the runway.

Posted by Wendy on October 9, 2008 10:07 PM
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