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Project Runway: Winner is Announced

pr-5finale2.jpgWell, after all of that hard work, it is finally over. I can't really say they went out with a bang. It was more of a ppfffffffttttt sound. The designers put their heart souls and $8000 into their collections, and in the end, I think they all had problems as a collection.

Jennifer Lopez was originally going to be the guest judge, but was injured and not able to make it. At the last minute they had to find a substitue judge. Guess who they asked? The incredibly elegant and dapper Tim Gunn! Yeah. I adore Tim. He is always encouraging and guiding, no matter what the desginers are putting together. The funniest part of the episode was when Kenley found out that Tim was going to be the judge, she said something to the effect of "Wow, if I would have known that I would have been nicer to him." Um, Kenley, dear, you should have been nice to him anyway. Youth is definitely wasted on the young.

Leanne's collection had some beautiful pieces that all used the wave motif her previous sketching inspired. Her wedding dress is truly lovely, as is the bridesmaid dress she made to accompany it. My biggest problem with Leanne's collection is the lack of color. The only colors we saw in the WHOLE collection were white, beige and the same light turquoise. Snore. It could have been so much more lively and exciting if there would have been some more color to look at. I will say this for Leanne, from her very first creation for Project Runway to her collection at Bryant Park, she matured a lot as a designer and learned very quickly how to edit and present her design concepts. Bravo Leanne!

Korto used brilliant color throughout her designs. Vivid greens, bright oranges, creamy yellows and tempered them all with a dark beige as well. The colors were breathtaking. Her garments were lovely. She decided to scrap her wedding dress and her bridesmaid dress and make two entirely new pieces in the two days she had left. Talk about ambition. In the end, I think she made the right decision. The alternate pieces she presented were much nicer than the overworked originals. The major criticism she got from the judges was that some of her pieces looked overworked. Her creations remind me of Uli's. Not in style or look, but the flow and ease. People can actually WEAR her clothes! What a concept. Can you tell who I think should have won?

Kenley also used lots of brilliant colors. She spent a lot of time painting the fabrics herself, which is commendable. My problem with her collection was that it was way too reminiscent of the 1980's. Big shoulders, garish colors (that didn't fit cohesively in a collection) and way too many outfits that had poofy hips. Who the hell wants their hips to look BIGGER. (and not just a little bigger). In the end, her collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland looked more costumey to me than anything else. I hope that this experience teaches her that she needs to learn to take constructive crisicism and input that into her work. No one is going to overlook her attitude when she goes to sell her designs.

All in all, I think that Korto should have won the prize. Of all of them, her collection was vivid and cohesive. Unfortunatley for me, (and Korto), the judges decided that Leanne would be the winner of Project Runway. Congratulations Leanne and good luck with your collection.

Posted by Wendy on October 16, 2008 9:46 PM
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