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Project Runway: And Then There Were Three or Not

pr-512.jpgThere are only 4 designers left this week and they are all on pins and needles (sorry) anticipating Bryant Park and Fashion Week. Tim takes them on a fieldtrip to the New York Botanical Gardens. They are each given a camera and an hour to find inspriation in nature. The gardens are truly lovely, and I am definitely putting it on my need to see if I ever manage to get to New York.

The pressure is definitely getting to all of the designers. Tears, rants, and taunts are in huge evidence this time. No one seems to get along with Kenley, but I blame her for that more than anyone else. She has been nothing but combative and condescending to everyone. Including the judges! Get a grip! You are not all that Kenley, You ARE talented, but you need to learn to take criticism.

Alright, let's get to the outfits.

Leanne finds inspiration in a lavendar plant. She makes a lavender dress with lots of ruffles going along the bodice and all along the dress. It is a very different look for her, more soft and flowy. I was not terrible impressed.

Korto was inspired by a beautiful flower that had petals that were almost like elongated tear drops in beautiful orange and yellow colors. The dress she made had the same colors in the flower and she added some lace here and there. The dress was made very well and it fit the model perfectly, but it was rather static. Not my favorite of her designs.

Jerell was inspired by a beautiful purple rosebush. His dress had a bodice that had a lovely beaded pattern on it with a long skirt and lots and lots of layers. Again, it wasn't his finest work. All I wanted to do was reach through the TV and pull up the bodice. It was soooooo low!

Kenley found these textured leaves for her inspiration. The dress she created looked like it belonged in a bad Kung Fu movie. The dress is floor length with a dog collar like top and these hideous scale-like (that's what she wanted, Heidi!) things on the bottom. Yikes.

In my opinon, no one did a good job this time. They had two days to pull of their looks, but I was completely disappointed with all of them. Honestly, I cannot even pick a winner. It was just too sad. This was an unbelieveably disappointing last episode before Bryant Park. *sigh*

The Winner -- Jerell, barely.

Auf'd -- no one yet. Since they couldn't decide who to send home, they are letting them all create collections for Bryant Park, but only three of them will be able to show and compete. I certainly hope that they will do a better job on their collections than they did in this challenge. Make it work, people!

Posted by Wendy on October 2, 2008 8:42 PM
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