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Project Runway Fodder

Two Designers Get Auf'd on Project Runway

pr-509.jpgThis week the designers are thrown quite a few curveballs. Heidi meets them on the runway and brings out the special helpers for this week. It turns out to be all of the designers that were previously eliminated. She tells them that they will be partnering up with one of them for this challenge, and she assures them that they will not have the opportunity to return. They do not get to choose the partner they have. Tim meets them in the workroom with the velvet bag. He goes by their zodiac signs when he chooses partners from the bag.

The challenge this week is to create an avant-garde look inspired by one of the team members zodiac sign. They chose among themselves which sign they wanted to use. The designers were paired up thusly: Jerell and Jennifer, Blayne and Stella, Terri and Keith, Joe and Daniel, Kenley and Wesley, Korto and Kelli, Leanne and Emily, Suede and Jerry (remember him first one gone with the horrendous horror-film lab assistant?)

Some of the teams get along very well. Others did not. Terri and Keith were worse than oil and water - no really! She didn't even let him cut the fabric. Honestly, I'm not sure what he did do. Mostly they just showed him asking her what he could do and Terri either ignoring him or telling him nothing. Way to use your resources Terri. Some of the creations really do look avant-garde. Some others look ridiculous. No, even more ridiculous than almost anything we have seen so far. Who woulda thunk it was possible.

They are told they will have 2 days to finish their creation. When they arrive on day two, there is an invite for them. Heidi wants them to showcase their designs that evening at 8:00! Four hours sooner than they thought and also, there will be TWO designers elimiated this week instead of just one. Remember the thing about curveballs. This was one low and inside.

They arrive at the Planetarium (where the reception was being held) and are greeted by Heidi and lots of designers from past seasons. They will be the judges and the judging will happen tonight at the party. They will still put their designs down the runway, but at that point the decision will already have been made. Interesting concept and curveball two.

Runway impressions:

Suede and Jerry -- chose Libra and they made a blue and gray pantsuit with these scale-like things hanging from the back. Really it just looked cheap. Suede is lucky that Suede's competition screwed up even more.

Leanne and Emily -- chose Scorpio (best sign ever) -- made a short red dress that had a black exoskeleton-like circles and curves that came over the top and wrapped around. It was nice and I definitely GOT the Scorpio part.

Korto and Kelli -- chose Aquarius and pulled it off really well. They created a blue flowy gown with scallop like shoulders it was lovely and flowy. Nice.

Kenley and Wesley -- chose Aquarius as well and didn't come up with any thing close. They made this HUGE poofy sleeves -- think costume, think the poofiest 80's sleeves prom dress and multiply it by about 10,000! No REALLY! It was made out of a purple plaid and it had a short flower patterned skirt. I cannot even fathom what she was thinking. Horrific!

Joe and Daniel -- chose Aries fire sign. They created a lovely dress using reds, golds and oranges. There were multiple ruffles and a cute short jacket. Definitely fire sign, absolutely adorable.

Terri and Keith -- Leo was their inspiration. At the Planetarium the night before, this dress had a huge faux-fir collar. The dress is long and golden and not spectacular. She gets bad vibes from the past season designers and removes the collar and adds this equally hideous red poofy sleeved thing (what is WITH the poofy sleeves) Yuck. The dress was bad, but her attitude toward her teammate was worse.

Blayne and Stella -- also chose Libra but did an even worse job than Suede and Jerry. They made this corset-like nude colored body suit with some leather bindings and unbelieveable swatches no, not swatches, bolts?, yes BOLTS of fabric coming out of one side only. Juvenile - my four year old could have made it. Michael Kors hit it right on the nail -- She looks like she's pooping fabric.

Jerell and Jennifer -- Sagttarius was their inspiration. They made a long check patterned skirt with a short spaghetti strapped sequinsed top and a jacket with a really out there outerspace like pattern and sleeves with lots of layers.

Judges Favorites -- Jerell, Korto and Joe. Judges Least Favorites -- Blayne, Kenley, Terri and Suede. My winner Jerell, my Auf's Blayne and Kenley.

Winner -- Jerell!

Auf'd -- Blayne and Terri.

It looks like next week will have even more drama than this week did. I can't wait to see what it turns out to be. See ya then.

Posted by Wendy on September 11, 2008 9:07 PM
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