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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway -- Fashion and Music

pr-511.jpgThis week leaves 5 designers waiting to see who will make it to Bryant Park. Heidi meets the designers on the runway along with their models. It is once again time to choose new models. Most of the designers stay with their models, but Leanne chooses to steal Tia from Suede, much to the chagrin of the model she has been with this whole time. All is fair in love and fashion.

This week, Tim tells them that they will be designing for each other. What? Yup they will be the models for this week. Which begs the question, WHY did they have to choose new models this week? Couldn't it have waited for next week? Duh. Ah, well, who knows what things are in producers minds. Not only do they have to design for each other, but their inspiration must come from a music style. And not one of their choosing. The velvet bag is back and chooses their client as well as their music style.

It breaks down like this: Suede -- designing for Jerell with a music style of Rock N Roll. (not that unbelievable) Leanne -- designing for Korto with a music style of Country. Uh, yes, have some. Jerell -- designing for Kenley with a music style of Pop. Kenley Spears here we come. Kenley -- designing for Leanne with a music style of Hip Hop. Yup, you heard right dog! Korto -- designing for Suede with a music style of Punk. Edgy.

Everyone gives great lip service to the fact that they will not throw their fellow designers under the bus, yet they tell a different story to the cameras. It IS a competition after all. They get 1 hour to consult with their clients and then they all head off to Mood to but fabric.

Ok, I am just going to say it, Kenley needs to get laid. No really. She is so ridiculously uptight. Sorry. Had to be said. And she has NO IDEA what Hip Hop looks like. Even though the other designers and Tim try to tell her. Whatever -- they don't know what they're talking about.

OK Runway Impressions --

Korto -- really does look a little bit country. Leanne created a long black skirt with a fuschia colored blouse with "country" pocket embellishments and a wide gold belt with cowboy boots.

Jerell -- looks like Jerell. Suede's outfit of black form-fitting jeans, a black vest and a patterned tank was OK. Not great, but not extraordinary either.

Kenley -- looks exactly like Kenley Spears. The outfit Jerell designed is a short black skirt with a fishnet top that has silver cups to hide the, well, you know what. It has a high spangled collar with knee high go-go boots. Really a great job.

Leanne -- Very high waisted and fitted (albeit poorly) jeans with a flower patterned top and a ridiculously short jacket. This is the antithesis of Hip Hop. Tim tries in vain to steer her in another direction, but she won't have any of it.

Suede -- is the epitome of punk. Korto created a black jean that she bleached to create a new texture and color patern with a sleeveless shirt that has chains and a ripped-like pattern sewn in. Fantastic job Korto. And let me just say that Suede knows how to work a runway.

My Winner -- Korto, My Auf-- Kenley.

Judge's Winner -- Korto, Auf'd -- Suede.

I have to say that this was a totally unfair auf. Kenley's outfit was so much worse in scope and fit and style than Suede's was. I am really upset about it all. There is no way that Kenley embodied Hip Hop more than Suede did Rock N Roll. Boo Hoo Judges. I am crying FOUL. Sorry, Suede. You should not have gone home.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the guest judge was L L Cool J. No really, and Kenley still wasn't auf'd! Grrrrrrrrr. L L is promoting a new clothing line -- big surprise. I wonder if Lifetime will be as much of a sponsorship whore as Bravo is. Ah well, we shall see.

Posted by Wendy on September 24, 2008 11:14 PM
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