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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway -- And Then There Were 6...

pr-510.jpgHeidi meets the designers on the runway and brings out a line of middle-aged women. Everyone assumes this is the mom challenge, but apparently no one is related to the women they bring out. Heidi explains that these are the moms of the clients they will be designing for. Then the "real" clients come out. Six young ladies all recent college graduates are here for a complete make-over. Hair, clothes, the works.

The designers are paired up via the glorious black velvet bag, Heidi just picked names and went down the list. They all get 30 minutes to talk with their clients and figure out what they are going to make. Some of the groups got along well with their designer, others were less cooperative. Leanne got the group that had the most opinions (and you know the phrase, opinions are like _____, everybody has one). There wasn't a whole lot of drama in the workroom this time, at least not that they aired. I mean no one was lableled lazy for not making sleeves or anything, so let's get right to the runway impressions.

1. Joe -- totally missed the mark. Created a 3 piece suit-like garment with pinstripes and a shirt that was also striped that just was not in the least flattering to his client. It was such an outdated view of women in the work world it was laughable.

2. Leanne -- Simple blue dress with a patterned top that you couldn't see because it was hidden by this gray jacket with huge fluffy buttons that cut the client in half and made her look very frumpy. It was better without the jacket.

3. Jerell -- Brown, brown, brown that is all I saw in this out fit. Short skirt, tank and jacket combo. To me boring and brown. Meh.

4. Korto -- Cute short green patterned dress with a very well made tailored jacket that fit absolutely perfectly. Nice job, as usual!

5. Suede -- Short dress with a purple, orange and brown print that was passable, but the jacket that he put over it was brown long sleeves with a ruffle-cuff and just plain bad.

6. Kenley -- floral print dress (what a surprise) with a brown vest and wide cream colored belt. Not my favorite by any means, but not as horrific as others.

My Winner -- Korto, My Auf -- Joe

Judges Favorites -- Kenley, Korto, Jerell

Judge's Winner -- Jerell

Auf'd -- Joe

As a side note, for those of you that don't know, Bryant Park has already happened this past weekend, of course we won't see it on the show for a few weeks, but if you just can't wait, you can do a search and be able to see some of the designs that went down the runway. See ya next week!

Posted by Wendy on September 18, 2008 9:18 AM
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