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Project Runway Fodder

News on Project Runway's Station Move

Now, all of you project Runway fans know that the show is moving from Bravo! to Lifetime. We all thought is was happening this fall, but according to Hollywood Insider they will not be running the show until January! Also according to, there is major lawsuit involving both networks and the show itself.

It would appear that Bravo! was not happy with letting this show go to another network. NBC/Universal alleges that Weinstien Co. did not give them first refusal for the new season.

Lifetime says they just want more time to give Project Runway more advertising (as if they are not already advertising whores -- oops, did I say that?) to give them the best start possible. Also according to, this has nothing to do with advertising and everything to do with Lifetime being able to get all their ducks in a row to start production.

In truth, it doesn't really matter WHY they will not have a fall start. I mean, it's not like the writers' strike would have an effect on this show the way it devastated Lost and Heroes (I'm sure there are others, but those are my favorites). Ah, well, unfortunately it is us fans that have to deal with the repercussions of all this studio problems.

I hope that studios (movie and television) realize that they can only push the consumer so far before they encounter a backlash. I mean right now, I am still planning on seeing Harry Potter next June, but I am really angry about the start date change. I am more forgiving of Lifetime as they do not have the show "in the can" so to speak.

At least we can take comfort from the fact that we still have a few weeks to see what creations Korto, Suede, Kenley, Jerell, Leanne, Blayne and the rest will come up with. Hang in there!

Posted by Wendy on September 8, 2008 9:10 AM
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