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Project Runway Fodder

A True Fashion Challenge on Project Runway!

pr-508.jpgThis week the contestants get to design for a true fashion icon! Tim takes the contestants into the Meat-packing district to get their challenge. They meet Diane Von Furstenberg. WOW! They are to create a look for her fall collection that goes along with her theme "Foreign Affair" -- no, silly the movie! She is basing her creations on Marlena Dietrich's character. The winning look will be produced and sold to American Express card holders with proceeds going to the CFDA. Finally! A real fashion challenge! (and REAL fashion judge)!

They get their fabrics from Diane's own storehouse. Amazing! They have 30 minutes to find what they need. There are fantastic looking fabrics everywhere you look. It was amazing. They are also given a Look Book of the new collection so that they can see what kind of look the collection has. The look book is filled with lots of layers and sheik spy/shanghai/woman about town.

There wasn't much drama in the episode this week, so let's get to the outfits!

Blayne -- short black capri-like pant with really really bad poofy legs. With a black jacket that is not bad and of course a bright colored shirt.

Jerell -- three piece outfit that is color-challenged. He put an electric blue belt with a long jacket and a short skirt. Bleech! Jerell for me is either right on or waaaaaaay off. Guess which one it was today?

Joe -- Shanghai inspired outfit that was badly made. Just badly made. The hood/cape he made was cute and the shirt with the frog buttons was a good color, but the seams didn't match up in the back. Yikes.

Kenley -- took a flowery print (who woulda thunk it?) and made a short dress with black lace to break up the print. It was a nice dress, but it had nothing to do with the challenge really.

Stella -- Pants with a halter top of the same fabric and a magician-like cape. No kidding. Poorly made too. Ouch.

Leanne -- Beautiful long blue gown with ruffles on the back and a short cropped trench coat. Lovely really quite beautiful.

Korto -- Long dress in a black and white print with a splash of yellow silk in the front and along the halter-like sleeves. The print is gorgeous! It also had a short black off the shoulder. Very nice!

Suede -- God awful print that is reminiscent of I don't know what. Just yuck and he made a floor length dress out of it with a short vest that was even worse if that is possible.

Terri -- Pant, Jacket, Shirt combo -- yet another surprise! At least it looked nice.

Judges favorites -- Leanne, Kenley and Korto. Judges least favorites -- Suede, Stella and Joe. My winner -- Korto, my Auf -- Suede.

Winner -- Leanne

Auf'd -- Stella

This was a true fashion challenge. Kudos Bravo TV!!! See ya next week!

Posted by Wendy on September 4, 2008 8:36 PM
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