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Project Runway Hits a New Low

pr-507.jpgWell, the issue of corporate sponsorship has always been prevalent in Project Runway -- Tresseme and Loreal salons, Blue Fly accessory wall etc. But this time they went too far! A car company (that I refuse to name) was promoting their new cars. The designers had to use car parts to make their outfits this week. Now, don't get me wrong I like difficult challenges, but this wasn't difficult it was ridiculous.

So, the designers all run to the cars that are stocked with extra things they could use to make their outfits -- lots and lots of seatbelts, car seats and rubber car mats. Woo Hoo (can you see the sarcasm dripping off your screen?

There were lots of struggles getting the material to work, of course, but not too many squabbles shown during the episode. They focused most on Kevin's self-destruction. He was paranoid about how poorly he did in the last challenge. He couldn't get it together at all. Spent lots of time wallowing in despair and gloom. I was so disgusted by this challenge, I will get right to the outfits.

Leanne -- makes a short black dress with these bizzare bumps on each hip. They are so huge, she actually has to stuff them with muslin to make them stay up. Yikes.

Keith -- skirt out of seatbelts that is so poorly made, he tells his model not to sit down in it. Of course, she does and is splits and he has to try and fix it at the last minute. There was also a sleeveless top to go with. Yuck.

Blayne -- When will he learn to fit a garment? Long shaggy dress from seatbelts with pieces of broken mirror glued to the bodice. It stuck out all over the place because he didn't fit it to his model right. Grrr.

Jerell -- he's back! Cute futuristic looking skirt and top. He actually used plastic parts from the car and molded them into the outfit. It looked great. Nice job

Joe -- Kinda sporty looking, racy-looking outfit with short short sleeves and a red panel down the middle. Passable.

Kenley -- was dealt a blow towards the end of the challenge. Her model had to leave the competition and she had to use someone else. This threw her into all sorts of fits. In truth I can't blame her because she spent all that time fitting it to one person to have to make it work on someone else -- who is bigger, so she needs to change everything. Mid length black skirt with air filters she designed a zebra-ish pattern on at the waist with a black vest. OK

Korto -- she took the time to weave the seatbelts together and made a really cool retro jacket out of it. fabulous 60's shape and the weave pattern looked stunning. Awesome.

Stella -- tried to step outside her box with no success. She tried to make a skirt and vest that really just looked sad. The skirt was from seatbelts and the vest was leather-esque. Just plain bad.

Suede -- made a dress from rubber car mats and cut up sun shades. It went over one shoulder and the top was the rubber part. There was fringe on the bottom from the sun shades. Probably the one that actually looked like he used car parts. Meh.

Terri -- made this really cool pants outfit. The pants were one color on the front and a different color on the back. The top has a cool woven pattern at the neck. It was a nice look.

My Winner -- Jerell, My Auf -- Blayne,

Judges Winner - Leanne (WHAT?)

Auf'd -- Keith

I certainly hope that next week will be better!

Posted by Wendy on August 28, 2008 8:57 PM
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