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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway: Olympic Challenge in Time for Bejing

pr503.jpgThis week the designers are taken on another field trip by Tim. He escorts them to the Track and Field Museum. When they arrive, they are overwhelmed by the size of the arena. There is a lone figure roller-blading his way around the track. When he gets closer, we can see that it is the legendary Apolo Ohno, Olympic Winter Games star and winner of 5 medals, two of them gold. I remember watching his races. Apolo is awesome!

OK, back to the challenge! This week, the designers are to create a look for the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics for the women's team. How cool is that?!?!? They will have time to look at the memorabilia in the museum and then 1/2 hour at Mood to shop for their fabric. Some of the designers are truly inspired by the things they see in the museum. Others seem a bit lost. By the time they make it to Mood, most of them are settled in what they want to do and get. I am amazed that so many of the designers are not getting what I consider to be the traditional Olympic colors for the USA -- red, white and blue. Hmmmm.... we will see how this plays out on the runway.

1. Korto -- Striking white pantsuit very tailored and well-fitting with a sleeveless jacket that has red bands on the shoulder. Very nice

2. Suede -- Short dress with very poofy skirt and tulle underneath. Listen carefully Suede -- ENOUGH with the tulle! It had a white halter top and a skirt with red, white and blue stripes. Can Suede say Cheerleader?

3.Kelli -- Dark blue skirt with white outlines on the hips that I think were an extra piece of fabric and a red patterned top with a HUGE bow and no sleeves. Meh.

4. Joe -- the first one that looks sporty! Short white skort with blue and red accents along with USA printed on the skirt. Very adorable white jacket with a blue and red zipper. Very nice!

5. Leanne -- White tennis-dress-like shirt over white shorts with a funky half circle collar (again with the half circles!) Sporty but ugly.

6. Daniel -- Blue (almost purplish)cocktail-ish dress with red trim that is reminiscent of the Jackie-O period -- we needed the O-lympics.

7. Jerell -- Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Yikes! This was too insane to even think about, much less describe, but I'll try. Huge floppy hat, short cap sleeves blouse with ties and black pants and skirt with vertical and horizontal stripes and a belt that looked like a cummerbund. Oh, yeah don't forget the leggings too. Oh boy!

8. Stella -- Black leather pants and jacket with silver, red and blue stripes -- not Olympic, more futuristic biker chick. Missed the mark for me.

9. Keith -- where to begin? Poof short skirt with white sleeveless top with red and blue ties around the neck. The less said about it the better.

10. Terri- Long white pants with horizontal sriped mid-section and blue pinstriped jacket with a red ruffle-type thingy around the neck. Not bad, but not very Olymipc IMHO.

11. Jennifer -- Remember that this is for the Olymipcs. She had a gold striped skirt and blue jacket with gold embellishments. Hello -- Olympics?

12. Blayne -- White pantsuit with red and blue stripes here and there with one no-sleeve and one long sleeve. It was OK.

13. Kenley -- Again, this is supposed to be for the Olympics. Short skirt with blue plaid pattern and short white top. Cute dress, but not Olympic in any way.

Judges Favorites? Terry, Joe and Korto

Judges least Favorites? Jennifer, Daniel and Jerell

My Winner -- Joe

Judge's Winner -- Korto

My Auf -- Daniel

Judges' Auf -- Jennifer

Well, the best part of the episode was definitely seeing Apolo Ohno. He ROCKS! Tune in next week for what looks like some controversy, if the previews are to be believed.......

Posted by Wendy on August 7, 2008 3:04 PM
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