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Project Runway Fodder

Drag Queens Take Over Project Runway

rupaul.jpgI LOVE DRAG QUEENS! This has got to be one of the hardest challanges that PR has come up with. No really! You have to have just the right amount of "over the top" to design well for a Drag Queen. The designers find out about their challenge while they are seated near the runway. Heidi tells them that their next challenge will be told to them by a special guest. Flash to the silhouette of a gigantic Brunhilde (the opera singer with the horned helmet -- or Elmer Fudd with his spear and magic hewlmet). Enter designer Chris Marsh from PR season 4 decked out in full regalia! Chris makes a grand entrance and tells the designers that their next task is to design an outfit for a Drag Queen. Love it! Enter the Drag Queens:(as they describe themselves)

Farrah Moans -- if glamour and romance is your thing, then honey, I'm your queen.

Miss Understood -- I eat sequins for breakfast.

Sweetie -- Known as New York City's big titted honky soul momma.

Luisa Verde -- the first supermodel.

Hedda Lettuce -- If you don't make me look prettier than Heidi, I'll kill ya.

Sharon Needles -- Sometimes I'm good, sometimes I'm bad, but I'm always dangerous.

LeMay -- Definite love for vintage fashion. Annida Greenkard -- with a K and I'm your South American banquet.

Sherry Vine -- New York's sex Las Vegas Kitten.

Acid Betty -- Fiercest hybrid Drag Queen in New York City.

Varla Jean Merman -- a southern Ann Margaret on steroids.

They paired up the following way: Keith -- Sherry Vine, Daniel -- Annida Greenkard, Blayne -- Miss Understood, Kenley -- Farrah Moans, Joe -- Varla Jean Merman, Korto -- Sweetie, Suede -- Hedda Lettuce, Leanne -- Sharon Needles, Jerell - LeMay, Terri -- Acid Betty, Stella -- Lusia Verde. WOW! What a line up. THIS is going to be a show! The designers get time to meet them and get to know their style. They must portray the persona that their individual Drag Queen has, they will have $200 and two days to finish their designs that will all be auctioned off for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS. I must say that is a cool idea.

The colors and sequins and fabrics that the designers come back with run the gamut. Bright, bold beautiful colors for everyone. Blayne's catch phrase (trying to be as Fierce as Christian last season) is not going over well with his comrades. If you haven't heard it, suffice to say he adds -licious to everything. I agree with Leanne barf-licious. And can I say that when the queens came back in their normal street clothes, Blayne appeared to be genuinely surprised that Miss Understood is male. Um, yeah get with it Blayne -- maybe all the tanning has seeped into his brain.

Watching the designers put their outfits together was a trip. Some got along well with their designers, others were super critical about everything. It will be very interesting to see what actually comes down the runway. Best quote of the night goes to Tim --It looks like a pterodactyl from a gay Jurrasic Park. HA! Alright, on with the runway descriptions:

Kenley -- Farrah has a flor length silver sequined dress with a slit all the way up one leg and a colar made out of huge black and white feathers. It was OK.

Blayne -- Miss Understood looks like a Drag Queen from outerspace and not in a good way. There are these appendages coming off the back of the outfit that first of all don't really go with the outfit and second aren't made well enough to stay where they are supposed to.

Joe -- Varla in a tight-fiting pink sequins suit that has a little bit of sailor and a little bit of stewardess. She looks great, and it appears that she loves her look. Nice job Joe!

Stella -- Leatha and plaid of all fabrics. Mostly black with striking swatches of this red and black plaid fabric. Meh

Suede -- Very short green dress with jacket and sleeves in Hedda's color green. Hedda definitely knows how to make an entrance. But I'm not convinced that she doesn't look a little godzillaish in this outfit. The material kind of has a scale-like pattern on it that lends itself to that look.

Daniel -- Long flowy dress with lots and lots of ruffles. It looks like she belongs on a beach or in a tropical commercial, but not on the runway.

Terri -- Now this is how you do over the top. She has these kimono like sleeves that Acid Betty comes out wearing with her arms outstretched to show them off. A red bustier with a short white skirt and lots of long fringe hanging everywhere. With the mohawk hair and geisha-esque make up, the outfit worked. Nice!

Jerell -- Sexy green and blue sequined outfit that had a colar that could pop up and around that face at the end for a great effect. Nice one.

Korto -- Red sequined form-fitting outfit with flame colored appendagesfrom one shoulder and a wrap around skirt that can be whipped off at the last minute for a look. It is just so-so.

Keith -- outift with fringe -- who woulda guessed? Only this one really looks more post-apocalyptic than drag queen. Not exciting at all.

Leanne -- Sharon does not look too happy to be in this outfit. It is a black short dress with all sorts of triangle shapes everywhere. (at least they are not half-circles). Again, more futurisic than truly drag queen.

The best part is that no matter what their outfit looked like, these ladies knew how to work a runway! They are all fabulous. I loved this challenge. It is important as an artist to step outside your comfort zone once in a while -- you never know what you might find.

My favorite --Terri, My Auf -- Keith

Judges Faves -- Terri, Joe, Korto

Judges lest Faves -- Keith, Jerell, Daniel

Winner -- Joe

Auf'd -- Daniel.

Tune in next week to see what they come up with!

Posted by Wendy on August 20, 2008 10:25 PM
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